Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Always the Way

Why is it that just when you find the best product around to do one thing or another, the store keeps it for about six months, the dumps it just as it become popular. And it's not just your local store, it's every store around your city, and the state that doesn't stock it.

I've noticed this with Coles, Woolworths, IGA and other small grocers as well. It doesn't matter where I go with my shopping, when I find something I like, and it works well in my home, it'll vanish from the shopping shelves within the year I've been using it - causing me to have to find another product just like it.

For example, I found that Finish put out a handwashing detergent... it came in two scents (lemon and tangerine) and you didn't have to use too much. It cut through the grease - just like the dishwasher detergents the company designed - and didn't leave a coating on my dishes! And man, I loved the stuff! I bought it in a large bottle, which lasted me around six months and I never found a fault with it. But when the time came to buy a new container of it, do you think I could find another one anywhere? No. I have contacted the company and they have yet to reply to my email about why they removed it from our shopping centre shelves. 

Another one is Buderim Ginger, Lime and Lemon marmalade.  It was the most delicious and wonderful stuff I ever found... and I went through bottles of it (around 9 bottles in the past 3 years). It was delicious on toast, English muffins and scones... and as quickly as it was on the shelves of Coles and Woolworths, it disappeared and was replaced with Buderim Ginger Jam. Now, I've tasted this, but have found it a little too gingery for my tastebuds - I'd rather the other one which is more lime and lemon with a touch of ginger in the background and not too sweet. However, seeing how the ginger jam doesn't sell (yes, I've been noticing that the shelves are always full at Coles where I live and never half empty like they used to be with the other jam from the same company on offer), it makes me wonder exactly why the company stopped making the other jam in the first place.

Why do companies stop making items and products which are making them plenty of money? Are they scared of becoming great successes; or they just testing something out first on us - the unsuspecting public first - before they put something even better on the market? If this is the case, why don't they just tell us this instead of showing us something, letting us get used to is then yanking it away from us as though they're teasing us in the school yard? We're not stupid. We're the public... can't they see when we like something, no matter how small the success is? If they can't, they're not playing the game right.  

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Chillin' Sunday?

I thought today I would chill out, relax and do not much at all - except maybe wash the car, yes my very dusty, dirty car - but that didn't happen.

As I opened the back door of my place, I saw that the possums had been at my back yard. They had been swinging on the newly potted Frangipani; making it tip out of its pot and fall! So, I rushed out there and dig a deeper hole in the pot for it, use up the rest of the potting mix and make sure it was in the pot better before I went out into the car port and grabbed my gloves and some really tall stakes to support it. I seriously didn't think it would need this, but it looks like it does for a while. I also had 2 pairs of panyhose I was going to take back to Big W, but thought to reuse as ties for the plant instead. They are kinder to plants than wire and last longer than anything else... plus plants don't have to grow around them. Now, the plant is secure.

I looked at the time and it was 8:45am... jeez... I hadn't even put on the coffee! So, I rushed around, locked up the shed and put the coffee on after I washed my hands. By the time I had gotten my pancakes made, eaten and coffee drunk, it was getting onto 10am. I needed to wash my car - so I did. This took me about an hour. 

By the time I hung out the cloth and sponge, I noticed that my Large Leaf Jade was putting out little buds - the beginnings of flowers - for the Winter! How cool is that? 

However, I was hoping to chill out today... relax. After the last week I've had... I think I just want to sleep. Last Monday was craft day. My home made scones vanished within 10 minutes ... everyone loved them. 
Tuesday had me driving around half of the south side of Brisbane looking for a dress to wear to Friday night for the Allsorts Opening. This turned out to be harder than I expected. Woodridge Life Line didn't have any dresses I like - or fitted into. So, I tried the Salvation Army up on Logan Road (near Hume's House) and then finally, I jumped on the highway and headed off to Stones Corner to get myself into the clothing district there - only to find it had vanished over time! Damn! So, I headed off to Vinnies there. And there? Well, I found three gorgeous dresses for under $30 and they all fitted me! I love them! The decision now was... which one to wear on Friday night.
Wednesday had me at my folks' house asking my Mum which one to wear... she thought they were all lovely; and she didn't know which one was better either. So, it was up to me. But the longest one needed taking up.
I picked up my new reading glasses from the optometrist on Thursday and bought some stockings and small things on the way through, then on Friday I went to the chiropractor for a morning visit, only to have to return because she didn't do a good job on my back. She had worked on only half my back; and the lower lumbar region pinched all my nerves.  I was in so much pain I almost couldn't walk. But she fixed it and I made it to the Allsorts opening; only to find out my piece was the only needlepoint piece in the whole exhibition! Very cool!

Well, that was my week... very busy, no stopping and every day filled up. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here. 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Busy Week - With One Day to Go

I've been non-stop on the go this week. Since Monday, I've been out every day - even today, the day I promised myself that I'd stay home and chill out and do nothing; not even housework.

Yep, Monday was the day I attended my craft group. And I'm glad I went to it. My 'Aunt Pittypat's Cream Scones' vanished faster than they did last week (within around 10 minutes instead of 20) and the lady I gave the recipe to didn't get any scones at all. And the freshly whipped cream went down a treat too! 
Tuesday had me tracking all over the southside of Brisbane looking for the perfect dress to wear tomorrow night to the 'Allsorts Art Exhibition'. I looked absolutely everywhere in the way of charity stores. As most of you know, I don't shop retail when it comes to clothes, as I find they're too expensive and I really like retro styles. So, I looked around Life Line at Woodridge, The Salvation Army at Eight Mile Plains and then, finally, I jumped onto the highway and drove to Stones Corner, parked the car and took a walk around the place to find that all the one-off stores had vanished. Yes, I haven't been to this place in yonks and so I found the Vinnies there and found three gorgeously retro dresses that I loved and tried them all on! And they fitted! I bought them - and they only came to $28 all up; giving me enough money to buy lunch at a cafe down the road... a rarity for me to do. I returned home by around 2pm. What a day!
Wednesday I was out again at my folks' house to show Mum the dresses and figure out which one I'd wear to the opening tomorrow. She helped me a lot and told me that the really long one needed taking up a little - and it looked gorgeous for an afternoon bbq or something to wear on holidays. I was home in enough time to have a nice pasta dinner and an early night.
Today, I didn't want to go anywhere. I washed my hair and put out some rubbish, washed up a little, and burned some cds for the car. Then I received a text from My Optometrist telling me that my new glasses were waiting for me - yay! I got myself ready and jumped in the car to get there. They were just perfect; I loved them! But these retro frames were too big for anything they had in the way of glasses containers... nothing could take them! That really bugged me as I found some nice cases that suited the glasses but they were too wide! Finally, after looking around, the ladies found they had to give me a larger case. No worries, I'll make myself a bigger case for my glasses. 

Well, it's starting to rain... yes, rain... here. The night is a little on the warmer side because of the cloud cover. But it's supposed to be cooler tomorrow night. I can't wait until I have to  get ready. But I'll be setting my hair in hot curlers in the early afternoon. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Friday, May 20, 2016

It's Been A Pay Week

I never thought this week would end... but end it must - thank goodness!

On Monday, I was off to my craft group where I served up cream scones with freshly whipped cream and yummy Apricot jam. Well! Those scones didn't last 20 minutes! They were gone before we settled into our routine... it looks like I cracked the recipe well and truly. 
I scored some bread and found a few other things at the book trolley I liked and bought there. Otherwise, I had a good day doing stitching for another pin cushion. However, next week, I'll probably be doing a painting - I'm not sure.

Well, Tuesday was a nice day. I got to see a friend of mine in the morning for a few hours then I took my time and cleaned out the fridge once I got home. The next day was shopping day, so I thought to wash up all the containers I use for fruit and the grapes that day too.

Wednesday saw me out early to get petrol, check the tyres and to the Rochedale Fruit Market. I did my usual rounds of buying everything I needed at Logan Central Plaza and Triple C shopping Centre. But then I was told by Kylie at Woodys' that the kiosk they had going there was closing down next week!! I mean, what??? Where was I supposed to order in my 'Supernatural' Season 11 now? This is so unfair and everyone she told felt so let down. I paid off my 'Blackstar' vinyl by David Bowie (yes it's the second one I've bought - this one is to play, while my other one is kept wrapped up). While I was there, I also bought 'The Stand' teleseries on dvd (special edition) and a few cds of music which were about $2 - $3 each; and all without cases. 
For the rest of the day, I got my shopping done at Coles and I ended up getting home after midday. 

Thursday was another early day for me to be away from the house. I was attending a workshop at the Logan Art Gallery about fibre and string making. It was interesting and fun to do, right up until my arthritis kicked into my fingers and I couldn't get in and do anymore twisting or stripping. So, I found something else to do and made a wreath from some wool and other found objects. It's turned out to be very pretty.

Today was a busy morning for me; and this arvo is for me to chill out here at home - seeing I haven't really had that much time to myself. This morning, I was at the optometrist to get my eyes check. With my medication, the Topamax can affect my eye sight in the long term - okay, it can send me blind without me really noticing. So, I have to get my eyes looked by my optometrist every year to make sure this doesn't happen.  I had enough money in my private health cover to get another set of frames - and I'm getting another set of reading glasses; funky 1960's ones. 
Once I finished there, I bought a big cd/dvd sleeve book which holds all my burnt and singles in one place. I'm so pleased I've done this as it stops me from getting little ones all pulled together. Anyway, after I bought that at Big W for just $28 - and it holds 200 cd/dvds - I was off to Bunnings to pick up the things I need for tomorrow's work around my garden. I got 3 bags of potting mix, 2 bags of stones and 3 little feet for the pot (matching in colour too). Then, I was off to RACQ at Eight Mile Plains to pay for my RACQ for the year. 

Now, I'm home, I am thinking about what to have for dinner tonight. I was going to use the slow cooker, but I might save that for tomorrow night. Tonight, I might pull together a lasagne ... yummo! I can't wait. Well, that's my week. Busy, yes, interesting, yep... finished? Not by a long shot! Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Friday, May 13, 2016

A Busy Week

It's been a busy week - and has turned into a chilly one as well - showing that Winter is most certainly on its way.

Monday was my craft day where I took my lovely little Craft Box in to show it off to my friends. They all loved it; saying it was about time I bought myself something worthwhile and so pretty. I also grabbed myself some bread and a potted plant; I still don't know the name of. 
I dropped off some bread to my folks on the way home and gave them some capsicums as well - which were free - and Mum and I sat around and chatted until the sun was almost set.

Tuesday had me at my folk's place again as I had forgotten my sunglasses and so I arrived in the dull morning just in time for the sun to push through the clouds. It was a slow day and I was working on another pin cushion and we sat around chatting and catching up on things that had occurred around the place while they were on their holiday.

Wednesday had me out all day taking my needlepoint to the Logan Art Gallery, shopping around for a large pot for the garden and dropping mail off to my parents' house. It was a good day, just very busy and all over the place. I also hadn't had a full nights' sleep with some neighbours waking up half the neighbourhood by having a domestic screaming match outside my house... I mean, what the hell?... anyway, I didn't even get out of bed. I just screamed for them to shut up! After that, I heard them get into a car and leave (thank god!). 

Thursday had me going to my folks' house again. This time, it was unexpected as my Mum asked me to hang out some laundry on the line for her while she was at the doctors. I went over there and did that for her and looked for some stain to use on a little table I had found on Mother's Day. But I couldn't find the stain I had bought (it had a crunched lid). When Mum and Dad returned home, I asked Dad and he gave me another different can saying it was the only one he had. So, it looks like I have a can somewhere here at home; I'm not sure.

Well, it's today, Friday, and I've had dreadful sinus for the past 2 days. I hope I'm not coming down with a cold. Those change of season colds can be pretty disastrous for the socialising... and I have some of that to do over the next few weeks.
This morning, I got in and did three loads of laundry and sprayed Glen-20 (a disinfectant spray) around the house and on the bed to kill any germs that I might have caught and that might be around. So, I'll see how I feel tomorrow. I'm not feeling horrible, my sinus is all clogged up, that's all. 

It's been a busy week, and next week is just as busy too. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here. 

Friday, May 6, 2016

May Already?

It's quickly becoming cooler and the days are shorter, and I'm busier now than I have ever been in Summer. 

Isn't that always the way when you lose track of time? 

The garden is beginning to go through its Winter changes. I've been repotting plants and upgrading the cuttings into largers pots. This is going well seeing Brisbane has had some great rainfall lately; but it's brought out the midgies and mozzies - which made a right meal out of my feet last week! And just today, the itching has stopped without the used of the medicated 'Soove', so that's a good thing. 

I've been hanging out with a great artist friend of mine and today we had lunch at Springwood... and this morning, I freaked out thinking he might drop me at my house, expecting to hang out at my place - and I realised I had let my living room become so messy (this happens when I don't get regular visitors) and I raced around and cleaned it up, washed up and was in a panic! But then, he ended up not coming in... phew! Oh well, my place is nice and tidy now and I'm going to see if I can keep it that way.
This afternoon, I did two loads of laundry, cleaned the coffee pot and put it away and sorted through more sewing stuff to put into a new sewing box I bought on Wednesday at Spotlight while it was on sale.

Seeing I've been kind of slowing down with my cleaning up and my friend has kick-started me into it again, I'm hoping to get into working on the lounge room and seriously tossing out what's not needed and what will be worked on sooner - rather than later - is the rest of the wash table for my bedroom. It's been far too wet lately to get in and do it. After that, I have to get in and door the chest that I picked up as well and redo the whole veneer on it because it got wet at some stage and it's all peeling. I'll need Dad's help on that one in a serious way. I'll be storing valuable things inside it - things that are going to be held for a later date... things that nobody will know about it. So, I'll be putting a few boxes inside it with things inside it that I have had for a long time. This box will be a special box - to me anyway.

Well, I'm hoping to save more money soon... sooner rather than later... to finish up the garden in June/July. There's still a lot of repotting to do and I need to get in and do it, one pot at a time. Well, until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.