Saturday, May 31, 2014

At the Movies: 'Before Sunset'

It's 2004 and Jessie Wallace is in a bookstore in Paris launching his first book.  He's being interviewed by the press there as he chats to them over an intimate setting of champagne cocktails and hand-held cassette players, when he turns around and spots Celine standing in the corner of the store; in a place where nobody can see her but him.

He was in the middle of saying something, when her presence put him off for a second... just a second.  However, he wrapped up the interview quickly, chatted with her in the corner and asked her out for coffee.  
What goes on after this meeting in the bookstore is a walk through the small Paris side streets to a lovely little coffee shop where Celine and Jessie sit and talk about the past, their lives since they met in Vienna and his book. 
The two finish their coffee and take a walk through a garden on Sale Day, talking about life, loves and marriage and children, all the while keeping an eye on the time - as Jessie has to get to the airport to fly back to New York, back to his family.  They end up at the Sein where they board a boat and chat more; however the more they talk about his book, the more the subject seems to touch a raw nerve on Celine.  Soon, Jessie meets up with his driver and offers to take her home; which she hesitantly accepts.  
Once in the car, things seem to turn from bad to worse, as she totally explodes at Jessie about how horrible life has been for her since Vienna.  She's had failed love affair after failed love affair and nobody has reached the standard of their one and only night together - not their ultimately close, wonderfully fun soulful night together - ever!  To make things worse, she finds out that he's not happy in his marriage; and he knows that his wife isn't happy but doesn't know what to do about it.
Once back at her place, they hang out, drink some tea and relax more; now everything is out in the open.  Celine even plays her guitar for him while her cat curls up on the bed; all the while, Jessie is stalling as he watches her dance to the music playing on the cd player.  Celine turns to him, 'You... are going to miss your plane.' he grins, 'Yeah... I know.' 

I love both 'Before Sunrise' and 'Before Sunset'... and there's a third one called 'Before Midnight' which I have on order and it was made in 2012.  I can't wait to see that one and wonder what it's going to be about, how much further will their affair go in the third film?

Friday, May 30, 2014

Yay! It's Friday!

I do love Fridays.... this means a good weekend of fun is to be had by me and others around me.

But yesterday, I got a lot done; and I'm pleased with myself.  The filing was done - well, there's on more bag of it to look through - and then, I got the car washed, the piano polished and the top of it cleaned up (so there's only things on it that look good on it).  Then, I put away all my dvds, cds and packed up all my books and put them into a bag and brought them into the office to put away.

Well, that was yesterday done... as polishing the piano took over an hour to do; she looks just gorgeous!

Today, I paid my phone bill, called my folks and said hi (as they're on holidays) and then was out and about in The Green Machine for a few hours.  I had to get to their place to pick up some veggies from their fridge.  I grabbed the pumpkin and made plans for a couple of cakes with that.  The rest of the veggies were left for Aunty Helen to pick up.  
Then, I picked up the mail on the way to Super A-Mart Furniture Store to look at a hall table I've been eying off... I'll be saving up the money to get it.  But I have only a metre to use in my house.  So, I'll have to look around more at places to see what else will be around; what other furniture there might be available.  I still have to shop around at other stores to find the right kind of deal for what I want.  This has been going on for almost a year now, and I still haven't found the right hall table for my house.  How frustrating can you get?  But then, I've always been told that patience is a virtue. 

I arrived home and got stuck right into making two cakes for the next few days.  One is for tomorrow's writer's gathering at the Loganholme Library and the other is for the Queen Bees Craft Group... but the first one didn't quite work out the way I had hoped, so I'll be taking the other one to both; halving it for the occassions.  That's just the thing about making things from scratch, sometimes, they don't work out, while other times they do.

Tonight, I'll be getting myself an early night, so I can get to my destination tomorrow on time.  Then, I'll be off to Garden City to look at hall tables and then, on the way home, I'll look in on Fantastic Furniture to see what kind of hall tables they have there.  I really do want to get this thing before Winter settles in here.  And I want to get my photos for the corner and staircase going too, so my house feels and looks like a home.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember I'm always here.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Weird Links I've Found

I thought to upload some entertaining things about us and funny things about the world around us:

40 Fascinating Facts About the Human Body 

Strange and Satirical Paintings 

Optical Illusions 


Fiddly Thursday

Yep... there's always one or two days a week there, you get in and do fiddly things around the house.  You know, the annoy crap nobody wants to do... like paying the phone bill or cleaning the bathroom and toilet... fiddly stuff that you'd rather ignore than do.

Well, today is that day where I do those things.  And I've already begun on the short - yet fiddly - list of things I need to get done.

So far, I've washed the car (as I do every Thursday).

Half the washing up is done.

I have organised with Aunty Helen to share some of the veggies in Mum and Dad's fridge with her.

I've uploaded some work I got done onto Crafty Pegs FB page.

That was this morning's chores done... it doesn't sound like a lot, but it was all done in around two hours.
Now, this afternoon, I have a fair bit of work to get done, and it's fiddly as hell.  There's a lot of work I have to get done in the living room to get the lounge cleared.

Clear out the Green Bags filled with filing.

Pay my phone bill.

Wash up everything and wash the kitchen floor (these go hand in hand as it's in the same room).

Critique some work in time for Saturday's writer's meeting.

Stack books away in my office that need to stacked (the place looks like a fire trap at the moment and less organised than it normally does).

Clean the bathroom.

Put away all the laundry.

Well... that's about it for the day of fiddliness... yep, today is something I don't want to get into, but yet it will be filled with stuff that's fiddly and needs to be done or it'll turn into some thing bigger and bigger; then it'll never get done because it's just too big for me to get done.  Have you ever done that?  Left something for so long that you've turned around one day and found it sitting there in a big pile and realised you've been a big dork and should have done that sooner rather than ignored it?  Yeah, me too; and it got me nowhere.  Now, I make sure I get things done when they need to get done - not matter how fiddly they are - because if the job is done when it's small, it'll be easier than if I leave it.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Toss Out and Cleaning Up Makes More Space!

I've inherited a Terrarium.  Okay, for those who don't know what that is:  it's an enclosed glass  garden which you have inside your home.  It can be put under any glass surface - like a wine bottle, a plate or even a light bulb - and it can be inside plastic soda bottles too... so long you have the correct plants.  The one I have is a large, round glass one which is around 50 years old and it has a cork in the top - which has to be replaced.  So, I'm working on my place to have the terrarium in my living room so it works well with my home.  

First, though, there's some cleaning up I have to do, the cork to get replaced, the plants to buy and the preparations to get for the planting of the garden within the terrarium so it doesn't die on me.

This means, I'm cleaning out my downstairs living room and dining area... and as you all know, this is a great thing!

So far, I've sorted through the old large fruit bowl on my dining room table, washed it up, and put it in with the charity items.  Then I put in all the stuff for the fish care items too... I just don't need them anymore.  And then, I put that bag in the boot of the car, ready to take them away to a charity store.  Then, I sorted through some more stuff that was just sitting around the place, and I have put them into a bag and out into the boot of the car.  

During this afternoon, I organised myself a First Aide Kit for the bathroom, sorted out the cupboards under the sink and made sure everything fitted.  While I was doing that, I found out I have more shampoo than I know what to do with!  So!  I won't be buying anymore shampoo or conditioner for about 2 months!  I'll be using the stuff I have under the sink instead until it's all used up - that goes the same for all my cleaning products!  Woah!  Do I have some cleaning stuff for that room or what?

Anyway, I also went into my bedroom and removed one of the pillows.  It's just not comfortable anymore... so I threw it away and replaced it with another one I've had in the cupboard for the last 6 months.  Hopefully, it'll be comfy enough for my head now.

I have attempted the washing up - and kept on failing... oh well... I'll keep on trying with it.  Then, I got all the laundry done!  Yay!  At least there was one thing I got finished.  I crossed the few things I had on my list on my iPod and looked around... then packed the car with a bag of books I have to take to Browns Plains to The Really Good Book Shop to hand in.  I'll be doing that sometime this week on my way to doing a donation run to The Endeavour Foundation.  In around 3 weeks, or so, my terrarium will be fixed up and living; and my house will be mostly cleaned out too... 

... and you know, all it took was me bringing home an indoor garden tank to get me going!

Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Tuesday Busy-ness...

Well, today I've finally been able to kick back and have a bit of time to myself.  

Yes, finally.

The weekend was a non-stop blurr of running around and getting from one place to the next.  However, I made it through and was spat out the other end into the place known at Monday morning to start the next working week... and what a week it started out to be!

On Saturday, I worked the Logan Art Gallery in the afternoon.  We had a concert there with around 75 people attending it and it was a great success.  Before that happened, there were The Creative Markets taking part in a weekend of Logan City Council works around the place to pull the community together in peace and love and colour.  It didn't really go as planned, but some of them did make some money.

I arrived there early and asked Michael if I could pitch my art proposal to him.  He said yes, when he should have said for me to make an appointment... and he didn't regret it.  He was impressed with my work and loved how it all worked together.  There were some pieces he wasn't too keen on, but then I said there was room for flexibility... so he was happy with that too.  He took copies of everything and posted it in for me, saying if he was happy, he was sure it was going to go through.

Well... that was Saturday.  Wish me luck with the exhibition.  I really do hope I get in... and it'll be put in next year.

Sunday was a cold start, which warmed to a nice hot day.  The Creative Markets was really, really tiny though.  There were supposed to be around 30 stalls, but there were only 20 or so, and there was no entertainment, no jumping castle and no super heroes... and this was mainly because collection of our retailers who normally showed took off to a new market at Beaudesert where their stall rental was free for the first week. 
This was dreadful for us.  But then, with around 80 stalls there, competition was huge, and we had a few regulars show to ours.  Then I found out that one of the retailers was involved in a car accident last week which wrote off their beautiful Statesman; but they weren't hurt - thankfully.  However, they won't be at the markets for a while. 
Well, the day was slow for most of us.  Fortunately for me, I made over $40 on Sunday.  It's nice to make a little money on Crafty Pegs and at the markets.  And do love what I do; and that's the main thing of this venture:  to enjoy what I do and make a little money out of doing it.

Then, yesterday was my craft group.  I sat there and enjoyed painting a few pegs, looking at the books and magazines that were given away and picked up some buns to eat for lunch as well.  I also scored some white pillowcases to do some hand-stitching on.  
Afterwards, after we all finished up our group at 3pm, I drove to 'Turner's Nursery' and asked about getting a new cork for the terrarium I've inherited.  However, they didn't stock cork, and suggested I tried an orchid nursery.
Instead, I drove home, and phoned around and found a cork suppliers at Bardon which supplied the whole of Brisbane with cork for just about anything.  The lady said to bring in my terrarium to have it measured properly so the cork they cut for me will fit the hole in the top.

Today, I looked around the house and decided that today was the day I started on cleaning out my house completely... I've already put one bag in the boot of my car, there's one by the side door to put in the car, and I've thrown out two bags of rubbish in the bin.  So, that's a good start... again.  I know this is taking me a long time to get done.  However, I'm getting it done through being slower than usual.  I am working on a little bit of my place at a time and making sure it gets finished.  Wish me luck!   Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

At the Movies: 'Before Sunrise'

Jessie and Celine are traveling around Europe on their own private holidays until their lives cross while traveling from Budapest to Vienna by train.  Celine is sitting across a couple who begin arguing and decides to move when they become loud; and she sits across the aisle from Jessie - and American who is on his way home.  As the arguing couple walk past and into the next car, he leans across to Celine and asks if she knew what their argument was about; she tells him she's doesn't speak the language much... and this is where they start to talk.
From here, they move to the lounge car and share a meal until the train reaches Vienna - Jessie's last stop.  He almost get off the train, when he approaches her and explains it's his last night in Europe and he'd love to spend it walking around Vienna with her.  She hesitates, but he reassures her that if he turns out to be a sleaze, she can jump onto the next train to Paris - where she was heading - and he won't be offended.  Fortunately, she says yes, grabs her stuff and they disembark to put their luggage into a locker overnight.  

For the whole movie, they're chatting about their lives, loves, hates and family and friends - as well as themselves.  There's great insightful opinions shared as they walk around the late afternoon of Vienna, across bridges, along the Danube and into clubs, pubs and restaurants where they talk and make eyes at each other and continuously flirt into each other's hearts... all the while knowing they're only going to know each other for twenty-four hours.  

This film is a funny, touching and sweet movie about how two people can connect, no matter where they meet, how different their backgrounds are and what has happened before or will happen after... the question still remains at the end of this movie, though, as Celine and Jessie part at the train station:  will they meet up in 6 months as planned?  Or will they forget and life will go on?  Wait and see when next week, I'll review 'Before Sunset' - part two of this series of movies by these two great actors.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Busy Weekend Ahead!

This weekend is going to be busy... very busy.  

I have a lot of things going on as it is, but this weekend, it's going to be busy as hell... 

Today, I'm adding the finishing touches to refurbishing my Great-Grandmother's cutlery box; which I'm going to use as a peg box.  Then, Mum and I are going to do work on my Superannuation (I have two of these things, and well, I'm joining them together).  And then, tomorrow, I have a full afternoon of work at the Gallery... there's my application to get my work into the Logan Art Gallery I want to get in and then I have to work at the front desk while The Creative Markets are on out the front and then, at that afternoon, there's a concert in the gallery.

The next day, I'll have a full day of being at the Creative Markets at the Springwood State School... phew what a day that'll be!  It's going to be great!  I love being at this market as it's undercover, there's entertainment and so much to see there... even if some of the other retailers get bored, I don't.

On Monday, I'll be off to my craft group - hopefully - if I'm not too exhausted from Sunday.  And then, my week is free to do what I want until Saturday where I'll be out and about for my writer's group with my Romance Writer's group.... yay!  Might run an idea I just had past them; make the romance I'm currently writing more interesting (as I'm losing interest in writing it).

So, what's going on in your life this weekend?  Anything interesting and fun?  Or is it going to be all just kicking back and relaxing?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Big Shopping Day

Today, I was out all day... and I mean, all day.

But first, I put on two loads of washing and hung it out.  It was going to be a nice hot day, and I thought it would be a good to wash the sheets and get them dry by the time I arrived home... which would be, um, around lunch time or so... maybe later.

Well, anyway, I took off around 9:30am and went to the Spice Mart to pick up a new bowl and found a nice flat pan to replace my other pancake pan... it was much cheaper than the ones I've been pricing around at other stores - and for $16, it's not a bad deal.  However, I felt kinda ripped off when the sticker wouldn't come off the non-stick coating - weird, right?

Anyway, I went to Overflow and picked up some zip-up things for my cds in the car.  this was to keep them safe and stop them from falling out of the glove compartment.  I bought two, and they were dirt cheap. 
Then, I was in grocery shopping mode after that... and after I went to Life Line too.  I took my time and did all the shopping at Coles and chemist I needed to do, drove home and unpacked.  It was around 1pm when I arrived home and I called my folks to let them know I was hoping to get around to their place soon... however they weren't home.  


Oh well, I called Mum on her mobile and let her know I was going to be at their place soon... well, within the hour and she said they weren't far from home.  Well, I took my time and was out the door before 2pm and found Dad had all the stuff I needed to finish up the peg box out the back all ready for me to use; as they were both going out for an hour or so.

So, while I was there, I filled all the gaps on the box, waited for the gap-filler to dry, sanded it back then, started painting.  By the time I was halfway through it, Dad came home and I had finished as muc has I could... as the bottom was still not done.  This means I'll have to go back tomorrow or Friday to complete it and pick it up on Saturday morning on my way through to my volunteer work.  It ought to be ready to use by then.  Or even on Friday... when I'm helping Mum with stuff at their place, I'm not sure when.

Otherwise tomorrow morning, I'm hoping to get a few things done around my place before leaving the house.  I need to get in and wash up, wash the floors, clean the bathroom and put some clothes away... yeah, it's time to tidy up and prepare myself for when I need to take a rest from the markets... and I'm hoping to work on cleaning out my place again.  There's things I'm hoping to give away to a charity I'm no longer using now I'm back into working on different things around the place again.

Well, that's all for this mid-week post... hope you're having a good week so far.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

At The Movies: 'Bed of Roses'

Lisa Walker is a high flying business woman working in New York City.  She's in her late 20's living her dream of climbing that ladder in the business world and smashing that invisible glass ceiling... actually, she's made VP of her company!  How brilliant is that?  
While she's in London on a business meeting, she receives a call from her boss to let her know that her father, Stanley Krazney, has passed away.  She's shocked, but not too rattled by it and comes back home to where she finds her goldfish has also died in her absence.  This is the last straw:  Lisa breaks down at the table where her fish is floating on top of the water and starts to cry.
The next day, she's at work... taking calls, ordering people around and making the most of the day.  It's another day and she's making sure she's going to earn her keep!  One of her friends about the office taps on her door and lets her know that there's a deliver down at reception.  Lisa goes down to find the most amazing display of flowers in a gorgeous glass vase she's ever seen in her life sitting there waiting for her.  A man to her left tells her: 'Put 7UP in the water, they last longer.' she signs for them, thanks him and takes them to her office.
Within hours, she's in a meeting with her peers and her boss and, when the meeting is finished, her boss tells her to take the rest of the week off.  He insists upon it, telling her to stay away from work or she's fired.

So, exactly what does an ordinary person do on a Tuesday afternoon?

For a little while, she sits around her home not knowing what to do... until she notices the card that came with the flowers.  It's not written on, or signed by anyone, but the flower shop address is on the back.... she gets an idea.

Before the day is out, Lisa meets Lewis, the man who delivered the flowers.  He's at the New York Library and he tells her that the person who ordered the flowers wanted to stay anonymous.  However, that night, she can't sleep, so Lisa gets up for a glass of water, walks out to her lovely floral display on the table where the fish bowl used to be, and admires it for a moment.  Her eyes wander outside to the street, where she spots Lewis staring up at her window!

The next day, Lisa shows up at Lewis' store an hour before it opens and he does too, to find her waiting there across the road, hiding from him.  He runs across to talk to her and invites her to breakfast, where he admits to being the secret admirer.
From here on in, the movie covers the week of them getting to know each other.  It's sweet, charming, music-filled and wonderful.  The next thing you know, the week's gone and Lisa is back at work and she's also dating Lewis, who has fallen in love with her.  But Lisa is hiding a secret from him... one she doesn't think he can handle as he pushes her to meet his family; and with Christmas around the corner, he has plans of his own, ones where he hopes she says:  Yes. 

I bought this movie when the movie came out.  Christian Slater is my all-time favourite movie star and I've had a huge crush on him since I was around 16 years old.  He hasn't had the best movie career, but he's made some really good gems over the time he has been on the big screen as well as small.  And with this movie based in NYC, it's got a charm of its own.  Well worth a see - especially around Christmas Time.

A Catch-Up Weekend

Wow!  I've had a busy old week, which I've happily left behind me... and now, I have two days to myself - totally to myself.

What the hell am I going to do?  

Okay, I've done some laundry, and hung it up on the clothes horse - as I don't trust the weather today.  It said showers on the radio and it rained all night, so I don't think I'll be hanging it outside seeing my arthritis is playing up today.

I need to catch up with my reading... and have a few books to read today and tomorrow.  So, they're there to look into.

And I have some housework to jump into as well.  You know, clean the bathroom, vacuum and dust... it's all very basic... but it's gotta be done.  
Then, tonight, it's Movie Night here... and 'Bed of Roses' is next on the list in my massive index book of dvds.  I watched this around Christmas Time, but I will watch it again because Christian Slater is in it (mmmm... yummo!).  Otherwise, it's a nice little chick-flick movie and not too hard on the senses, and it's about love too.

Anyway, besides all this, I've finished up my work for The Creative Markets and now I can have a week to look at what I need to get done around the place... like the shopping, going to the chiropractor and attending my writing group as well as my volunteer work next week - yep that's all next week.

Sooo, what's on your plate for the weekend?  A lot or not much?  Do tell.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Out With Mum

Today I was out the door at around 9:30am.  The skies looked overcast and rain spattered on the windscreen a little as I pulled out of the car port as Jethro Tull began to blast from the speakers of my cd player.  Yep, it was going to be a weird old Autumn day here in Brisbane.

I drove to Mum and Dad's place.  Dad was at Air/Sea Rescue Training today and so Mum was on her own today.  And so Mum and I went to the Transport Department to see if I could get a further discount on my regostration for my car... but it looked like because of my plates being purchased and stamp duty, we had a larger amount of money to pay.  Next year it'll be cheaper - well fingers crossed!
Anyway, Mum suggested we go to get some coffee, but I wanted to take her to a bookstore over at Browns Plains and asked if she'd like to go.  She said okay and we took off there.  However, halfway there, she started feeling indigestion really bad.  Fortunately, I knew of a chemist that was not far along the road and pulled in there for her buy some ant-acids.  However, as I pulled into a parking space, I ran over a bottle we both thought was plastic, but it was glass!  Damn!  While I was looking around for somebody to help clean up the glass before moving my car, Mum was looking at how cheap the vitamins were in the place.  Very cool!
Anyway, before we knew it, we were off again.  And I found The Really Good Book Shop, park nearby and opened the door to the place for Mum and she stopped right inside with her mouth open... she was shocked at how many books there were.  She did have a plan of which author she was looking for and how many books she was going to look at buying - if any - but when she walked inside, that all went out the window.  I asked which books she was looking at getting and she told me that she had forgotten and she was taking in the place - absorbing it - and she started to get the giggles.  The lady at the counter saw me and said hi and I introduced Mum to her and she asked Mum what she was looking for, but Mum was still absorbing the place.
They got talking about the bookstore Mum worked at while I was in high school - Charring Cross Bookstore at Chardon's Corner.  And they had heard of it, but didn't know if it was still open or not.  Then, Mum looked around and asked about an author and she was shown the place in the store... so I walked off to the Classics area where I looked into what I could pick up next to read (not that I don't have enough already!), and found myself a copy of 'Slaughterhouse 5' I haven't read it or own a copy of it yet... and have been wanting to, so we got our books and took off to MacDonalds just down the road.
It was a lovely place this one, very open, and enjoyed something to eat and drink while we were there.  And then, we chatted about a few things and watched as people went through the drive through eating, drinking and texting as they drove... wondering how they didn't run their cars into the car in front of them.  
Before long, it was time to head off back to Mum's house and we sorted through some cd's and books and other stuff Mum didn't want.  We listened to some music and I collected together a few things and scored myself a free telephone for upstairs (as that one I have up there was stuffed).  And so, I packed the car, and was back on the road again. 

I arrived home just in time for the rain to pour down from the heavens!  Wow!  How's that for timing?  Well, while it poured, I went out the side door and collected the rest of the my gear and fixed up my house to look like I was home.  It's been a good day out with my Mum.  This weekend, I'm going to catch up with my reading and a bit of housework.  What are you up to?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Day Out

Seeing I've got my own set of wheels now, I'm going to get myself out and about once a week to a place for a day trip somewhere.  I'll make it on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, but I'll do it to get myself out of the house... and I'll take my camera with me to make it fun.

Today, I wanted to go to Mt Coot-tha Lookout.  However, the weather was overcast and I didn't want to go there only to not see much of a view or be stuck in the car because it's raining.  So, instead, I decided to drive to the wetlands over near the Smart Tip at Browns Plains.  I have a friend who's buried over there and I haven't been to her grave since she was laid to rest.  So, I found my way there and remembered where the service had been held.  But the problem was that I didn't know which tree so I took a photo of two trees which looked around the same age... and you know?  I just looked at the photos of the service from last year, and I found I did take a photo of the right tree!  I'm relieved!

After I paid my respects to my dear friend, I was off again to Browns Plains, to The Really Good Book Store.  This place is amazing!  It's a book exchange where the book credit is without an expiry date.  So, I have bought books there and decided to keep them.  And have hunted around in there for hours and found the most amazing things!  
Today, I bought three books.  There's one book about books I bought for a challenge this month.  Then there was an autobiography about an Australian woman who I admire who is on a book review show on the ABC... and I can't wait to read this book about her.  Then, as I was perusing a shelf in another part of the store, I turned, looked down and found a dark green cover of a really old book looking up at me.  It looked lovely and aged, and I picked it up, opened it up and looked at how old it was... then took it to the counter.  This book was titled: 'The Treasury of English Literature' by Robert Cochrane.  It looks amazing and it's from Scotland!  So, I bought it for $10.00!  

After I was out of there and to the car, I was off to Mum and Dad's place.  I needed to see Dad about something for my bathroom.  I wanted to do a few little things to my bathroom that would make it look and feel nice.  Okay, the cabinet is good, and so is the towel rack, but it badly needs colour!  The whole colour scheme is beige and white... and beige and white... and well... blah!  So, I'm going to work in some nice colours and a good thick curtain I'm going to put a clip into the middle of when it's daytime and unclip it during night so there's complete privacy for me.  
Well, we watched a taped episode of 'Fargo' and had a giggle at how much like 'Dexter' it was.  Then, Mum gave me a bag of books to drop off to The Really Good Book Store at Browns Plains.  But before that, Dad asked me about my boyfriend... I don't have a boyfriend.  I have a new man in my life, sure, but we're not an item as yet... and I'm not calling him my boyfriend, yet.  Well, he got all weird and snappy about not knowing who I was seeing.  I know he was being protective, but really, I didn't want him to know until I was certain this man and I were going to be together on a more permanent basis.  Dad made me feel like I was back in high school again; and this is something I hated.  Even Mum told him to back off from me and let me do my own thing with my life.

Well, long story short, I ended up clamming up about my new man and Dad asked me more questions and I just stopped talking.  It's something that happens between my Dad and me.  I can't explain it.

After 'Fargo', Dad seemed to forget about what happened and went downstairs to make some noise... and Mum and I organised some books and junk for me to take to Browns Plains.  She felt good that I was taking them off her hands.  I felt good about it too as I was taking some Ray BradBury books back into my possession that I had lent her last year and she hadn't read yet.  

So, that was my day out.  Dad had cut a longer length of pole and kept the shorter one, and now I have saved money with that.  Now all I need to do is buy nice little end bits for it, attach the hooks that were in the bathroom back onto the sills (which I still have) and then find the right kind of curtain material I need to make a curtain... it won't take long to find a good curtain material.  And then, I'll hem the ends and make the top end into a loop, slide the pole through and slip on the end bits and it'll be sweet.

What was your day like?  Busy like mine?  Or ordinary?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Busy Tuesday

I slept in today.  Well, I had a very late night last night, and so I stuffed around in bed until after 8am; besides, I didn't feel like getting up... not until I was ready.

And once up, I grabbed the clean laundry, sorted it and then grabbed the dirty laundry and put on a load of smalls and my pajamas before I started breakfast.  I read some of the Sunday paper and listened to the radio and then hung out the first load and put on the second small load and hung that out too.  
By then, breakfas was finished, I had begun putting away the clean washing up and I wanted to get out there and wash the car.  So, I pulled on my wellies and organised myself and got out there into the car port and washed my Little Green Machine.  It took me about an hour to wash it and put everything away and lock up the car... but it felt good to have a nice clean car to use.

Once that was all done, and all the stuff that needed drying out was hung up on the line, I got talking to my neighbours.  They're staying on for another 6 months and their landlords are going to look into having the other fences around their place fixed up.  It ought to go well, once their fences are fixed and the place looks good.

But I'm going to be on here for another hour before I get in and put away all the laundry in my bedroom, tidy up the living room, wash up and tidy up the kitchen a bit.  Then, I'll get in and do a bit of painting of coathangers and see how far I get with them; as on Friday, I'll be doing a big varnishing and wrapping day for the Creative Markets before taking next week off to do my own thing.  

Yep, today is going to be a busy one.  I hoping to be able to work out my weeks better soon.  With a car, I want to be having one day out a week where I'll take off for a day to a place I used to drive in the Celica and I'll tell you guys about the place.  I might even take up ice skating again... now that ought to be great!  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

Yesterday was a huge day... so I've waited until tonight to write about it, as it's the first time I've had to sit down and do anything about writing about it.

It was a lovely, warm, sunny day; and yet we were supposed to have rain.  I had made a huge garden salad, and Mum had made a Wong Bok Salad, and we took them over to my brother's place at Brighton where we were meeting up with the rest of the family.
Traffic wasn't too bad, and we had a good run.  Gabe had the pizza oven going, hot and music playing when we arrived.  A stray chicken had made her escape from the coup and was running around the place... but we didn't worry about it, as nobody tried to catch her.  Soon after we arrived, we exchanged gifts, grabbed ourselves some drinks and the pizza making started up, along with the salads.
Around 8 pizzas were cooked up - one after the other - and they were devoured just as quickly.  The salads vanished too.  Almost two thirds were gobbled up as we all sat down and ate lunch... it was wonderful!  I'm so happy they all enjoyed my improved 'Cee Salad'... as most of the ingredients started with the letter 'C'... hehe.  
Soon after the salads were put away and everyone felt like taking a nap out on the lounge outside, coffee was made and Gabe baked some chocolate chip and macadamia nut cookies in the pizza oven!  Well!  They vanished as quickly as he put them out!  These things didn't have time to cool off as we snatched them up, still soft and hot from the oven... yummo!  the chocolate was melting and the nut chips were hot... delicious!  And did they go well with the plunger coffee!  
Before long, it was 4:30pm and it was time to take off.  We had enough coffee and food in us to tide us over for the night and the trip home.  And when I arrived at my place, I forgo making dinner as I was still full from lunch... by around 10pm, I was in bed writing in my journal and reading a book.  It had been a long day for me.
However, I had given Mum a lovely 3-pack of organic relishes.  They were in a box with the word 'Organic' scrolled across the lid and a white ribbon tied around it.  I had found it at 'The Big Apple' down the road for $12 or so and thought it would be perfect for Mum as she loves this kind of thing... and Dad would enjoy eating them too.  They were sealed properly and looked gorgeous.  Mum loved it!  I'm looking forward to knowing what they taste like. 

So, how did you spend Mother's Day?  Was it taking your Mum out to lunch or dinner?  Did you have a picnic lunch?  Or did you have a laid-back affair like we did and enjoy lunch with family at a relative's house?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

At the Movies: 'Back to the Future I, II & III'

Marty McFly is a skateboarding high school student a small town in California where he's from a family known for failure.  He's also good friends with Doc Emmett Brown; a known scientist, who is also known for failure.  
However, on October 26th, 1985, Marty arrives at Doc Brown's place and finds it empty.  It's a mess and there's experiments still in progress - and switched on - all over the place.  It's been like this for a week.  Marty is worried something has happened to Doc, and so hangs out for a bit to practice his guitar on the biggest amp you'll ever see!  Well, the amp explodes, throwing Marty across the room and the phone rings... it's Doc.  He wants Marty to meet him at the local shopping mall at 1:15am that night; and oh, don't use the amp, there's something wrong with it.
Marty shows up at the shopping mall on his skateboard to find the place empty... except for a truck and Einstein (Doc's dog; his faithful companion).  In the back of the truck is a Delorian... all tripped out to the max!  Doc Emmett Brown has invented a time machine... and what better way to go than in a cool car like this!
Over the next three movies, this car, Doc Brown and Marty McFly takes us to 1955 where Marty's parents meet - and Marty fixes up their meeting so they're better people, not only in their lives, but in society - and Doc Brown helps him with this too.  Then, they travel into the future to help save Marty and Jennifer's children and make a fine mess!  Marty finds an Antique store where he buys a book on sporting results, and it gets stolen - along with the Delorian - and Biff (his Dad's bully from school) changes everything in the world and the 1985 Marty knew is gone and is corrupt and deadly; especially to his family.  This one is great!  As there's a lot of flash-backs and hilarity.  Then, the third and final chapter of this trilogy is set in the past when Marty receives a letter from Doc after the Delorian is struck by lightning and Marty is stuck in 1955.  He has to go further back in time to 1885 to save Doc from being killed by Biff's Great-Grandfather... woah, this is heavy, right?  Yeah, but it's good fun steampunk, sci-fi, funny entertainment.  In this third movie, Michael J Fox  plays a few characters besides Marty... and in the second one he plays his son and his own daughter... so that's heavy too.  Also in this third on, Doc falls in love with Clara Clayton; who was supposed to die by falling into a ravine but didn't... and then he really hates that infurnal time machine!  So, when we're taken back to 1885, we get to see everyone's families right at the beginning... the McFly's, the Tannan's... and Doc (who isn't really supposed to be there, but then, in those times, who was?).  Marty gets to return home with the ingenius ideas of Doc Brown's inventions and a bit of hijacking of a train engine and 'thinking fourth dimensionally' - which Marty has problems with throughout the trilogy, but gets the hang of at the end, just as he and the Delorian show up in 1985 (the right one this time) right on time for everything to be back to normal.  Marty's family is great, he's got the girl of his dreams, the car of his dreams and ... oh yeah, what's that?  An oncoming train and the door of the Delorian is stuck?  Oh!  This is heavy as hell!

I love this trilogy.  I watched them all in one sitting last night between 6:30 right through to 11:15pm.  And as they always do, they made me laugh!  I don't think this movie can be remade... it's retro, it's steampunk, it's fantastic... it's heavy... it's wonderfully brilliantly made.  And if Hollywood ever remakes it?  Shame on them!

Saturday, May 10, 2014


Today it's Saturday - all day... and it's been a long day for me.

I woke at around 7am and didn't really go back to sleep.  I kinda just flirted with going back to sleep, when really my brain was acting like a child on Christmas Day... so I got up and going.

I had a book launch to be at and so I boiled 6 eggs while I ate breakfast.  Only 5 of them worked out... they're for a salad for tomorrow's lunch at Gabe and Kat's house.  This ought to be great!  I can't wait to be there.

But today, I was in the car, and out and about.  I had to get some money out of the bank.  I had to check the tyres on the car.  I had a few other things to do before going to Logan North Library... yep, I had to leave around 45 minutes early just to get these things done.

I got them done... and then I was off!  I was at Sanet Smit's book launch - her first! - and I loved it.  She had a gift to give away and did a reading - which got everyone to buy a copy of her book... so cool!

Then, after 2 hours, I was off again.  I went to Mum and Dad's place and found there was barely anywhere to park!  The Well-Being Centre down the road was having an Open Day - and so it was crowded around my folks' house.  We shuffled the cars around and I parked mine in the front yard where Dad and I fiddled with the left side mirror (as it still wasn't working right!).  Well, while he glued something, I kept feeling something crawling up the inside of my jeans... then I realised it was something big!

I shook my leg and jeans too ... and a massive big ant fell out onto my shoe!  It didn't stick around for long as it flew away!!! Eeewww! Ick! Ick! Ick!  Dad didn't see it... neither did Mum... but I did!  It was a huge ant!  Bigger than a Green Ant! And since Dad didn't see it, he didn't worry about it... but me?  I raced upstairs and wanted to know if it had any friends wandering around my jeans hem I didn't want to know about... and so did Mum.

Well, once we found that ant was on his own, I was okay... but I was careful about walking around on the lawn out the front.  And Dad had a careful and long look at the ants nests around the yard, saying he'd better have a better look at them all.

Not too long after this - and after figuring out how much petrol my car drinks (as it's been 2 weeks since it was bought), I decided to take off.  I had some things to do.  There was some charity stuff to drop off and some cds to buy at K-Mart.  I needed to burn some music for the car.  

And tomorrow is going to be a busy day... so tonight, I'm going to be making a very cool salad... a big one, but very cool one too. 
And speaking of tomorrow, what are you all up to?  Whatever you're doing for your Mums - here or in their memory - drive safely, take care of each other, love your Mum for now as you never know what's just around the corner that will change how you see them and how their lives will change.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Friday, May 9, 2014

It's A Friday

Yep, it's the end of the week.  A Friday... the day where everyone goes out to Happy Hour and enjoys their well-earned pay and has takeaway, catches up with mates, families and just kicks back and loves it that they have two days to themselves.

For me, Fridays are usually days where I get a lot of housework done.  I catch up with laundry, washing up, cleaning out my art area and making sure the bins are emptied around my house and put out into the big green wheelie bin in my car port.  This is so I have my two days of bliss to myself.

It's been a busy day for me.  I got two loads of laundry done and one lot of hand-washing.  It all dried - well, except the towels have a bit of damp around the edges, but it's Autumn, that happens every year.  I got a lot of washing up done and the counter looking cleaner.  Then, I put away about 20 Magna-Pegs into a plastic zip-lock bag ready to be varnished next week for the markets the week after.

Then, I hopped online and checked my mail and looked around here.  It's been a busy old week and I'm looking forward to my weekend of hanging out with my family at my brother's house this Sunday for Mother's Day.  We're having lunch there and all bringing something to eat.

I'm looking forward to going.

Anyway, I've also been trying to get some cd's burned but the new ones I bought were the wrong ones - only for pictures - and my car spat out the one I tried it out in.  So, I'll keep that lot for photos only and go back to K-Mart and get some cds to burn music onto for the car; as I don't want to stuff up my original cds.  
Tomorrow, I'll be doing that.  Also tomorrow, I'll be making a huge salad for Sunday.  I love making salads; so much I can put into it and yet it's going to be a lot of fun getting it to work out.  Which reminds me... I must boil some eggs tonight for tomorrow.  I'll be adding in some unsalted cashews, cranberries, eggs, corn, split olives, lettuce, paprika, mushrooms and other great little surprises too... and I'll spice up the mayonaise I've made with something else I've found makes it taste gorgeous.  Yummo... I can't wait until Sunday.

Well, that's been my Friday.  The weekend beckons for us all, doesn't it?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

First Day Out Grocery Shopping

Today was my first day out grocery shopping with my Little Green Machine.  I had only half a tank of fuel and the day started out quite cool.  But I couldn't wait to get going.  
However, I found it was going to be just one of those days where nothing was going to go right.  First off, my keycard didn't work at the fruit store - so I had to use another one to buy my fruit and veggies.  Then, I came home to pick up my old key card, only to be advised by my care-taker that one of my brakelights had blown.  So, I headed over to Mum and Dad's house to get it fixed up.  Dad and I spent a little time fixing that, put it back together and then I was off to the shops again.
On the way to their place, I noticed an accident outside the post office.  Two cars were involved; and the culprit?  Well, somebody had parked their vehicle in between the driveways and blocked the view of the street for people getting out of the small shopping centre up Kingston Road.  The person getting out didn't see the car coming through and slammed right into them.  This has been a hazard for years.  I've complained about it to the Logan City Council a number of times and they won't fix it.  So, today, I saw what could happen to my car.  What's worse is that I have applied to the Logan City Council to put a yellow 'No Parking' line between those driveways to keep that area clear but they won't.  It's disgusting.  I told my Mum what happened and she said it's time I told the LCC what happened today and that it's proof they need to put that line in now.

Well, I got in and did my shopping.  I was an hour later than I wanted to be.  And I wished I didn't have to be, but it couldn't be helped.  However, I felt more relaxed than ever... I have my own car and I didn't feel as though I needed to rush to get home.  
I paid off a layby at 'Woody's' of AC/DC's Back In Black vinyl, then I was off to K-Mart to look for a hair dryer.  I found a Vidal Sassoon one for $45 with all the bells and whistles... but I had to buy a brush for it at Coles.  Oh well, can't get everything with it.  I also dropped off my prescription at the chemist (boy!  Were they busy!).  
Coles was a breeze.  I didn't spend too much money, just what I needed and that was it.  Soon, I picked up my prescription and was off to pack the car and get my butt to a service station to fill the car up.

Now, I used a discount docket and filled up my car.  I thought it was going to cost me more, but instead it cost me a mere $25.70!  How cool is that?  Very cool!  I'm happy this little car is going to cost less to run than the Pajero.  And that was when it was half empty!  So, I'm happy with that.  

Well, that was my first shopping day with my Little Green Machine.  Tomorrow, we're off to the Hyperdome where I need to get some varnish for my pegs and coathangers and then back to Woodridge to get some blank cds to burn more music for the car and put some photos on for an art proposal for and exhibition I'm hoping to get.  Yep, I'm busy this week.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Monday, May 5, 2014

A Busy Weekend

This past weekend has been busy... and you guys know I love to keep myself busy, now I have a car of my own.

On Friday night, Winter came to Brisbane - not to mention the rest of Australia - very abruptly.  We copped a big storm and then the temperatures plumetted!  So, over the weekend, we had freezing temperatures to remind us that the chilly season was definitely upon us.  On this day, I was at Mum and Dad's place to get a pair of jeans hemmed up by Mum.  We spent the afternoon hanging out and laughing.  I was expecting Mick, a new man who I've begun seeing, to come over for dinner that night.  However, he texted me and said he wouldn't be able to make it.  So, I had the night to myself.  Mum asked if I minded.  I was a little let down, but I knew I'd see him at some point after he got his work finished from that week.
We went to Aunty Heather's house to drop some things off and she saw my Little Green Machine.  She loved it, saying it was just gorgeous!  Before we knew it, it was getting on a little, Mum and I were back at her place, I was on the kitchen table being sorted out for the jeans, and there was a storm brewing over the back... those few hours flew by!  But I had to get the car home and under cover!  And as I pulled in, I got it under the car port with 10 minutes to spare... phew!... how was that for timing!

Well, that was Friday night.  

Saturday was cold.  I stuck around the house, stuffed around on here and did some washing up, tidying up and put things away.  Then, after dinner, I locked up the house and Mick was there on Facebook and he asked if he could pop around ... well, yeah of course he could.  It wasn't late and we had missed out on dinner, so he wanted to catch up that night. 

Sunday was a cooler day.  We got up, ate nice hot pancakes for breakfast and both of us had our own outings to go to.  I had been invited to Gabe and Kat's place to show them my car - and Riley was there - and Mick had to go and take his niece out for the day.  So, we said our farewell's and were on our way.  
I picked up the GPS at Mum and Dad's place where Dad thought I had forgotten how to use it - which I hadn't - and lectured me about how to find an address on it.  Then, I was on my way.  It took me about 40 minutes or so of steady driving to get to their place and I followed the directions to the letter!  And once I arrived, it was really cool.  They all loved the car.  Gabe photographed it with me next to it, and me not next to it.  And after we had a quick coffee, we were off... to a gem show, where Gabe drove the car because I didn't know where the show was.  
He loved it, saying it was a sweet ride and had a lot of life in it.  The gem show was cool.  I had around $30 to spend and I spent every penny of it on some very cool things.  I scored a bag of Zebra Stones for $5.00, two thinly sliced pieces of stone for $5.00 a piece, rummaged through a box of .50c stones and found some really pretty ones and bought two expensive Zebra Stones that had been polished up really nicely so I could make them into pendants.  Yep, we had a great day there before driving back to their house for another lunch and coffee... then I was off just before Riley headed off to her Mum's place.

It was a good drive home.  The traffic wasn't horrible and I had a nice drive without any cross-winds this time - unlike drive up there.

Today, I was out at my craft group.  Anne wasn't there, but Nell was.  And a few of the ladies saw my little car and they loved it!  They thought it was a gorgeous shade of green and thought it was brand new - until I told them it was second-hand - and they were amazed at how well-cared for it was.  
I got two magna-pegs painted up, ready to have magnets stuck to the backs of them.  And I had six other pegs all readied up for designs to be painted onto them.  We had a birthday today too; of Gloria, who is in her late 80's.  She brought along a Hazelnut cake to share with us.  
So, there was my weekend and today's things that went on.  What did you get up to?  Was it a fun weekend?  Or was it a lazy one for you?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember I'm always here.

Empty Lives of Distraction

I've just watched a Youtube video which has made me really think about what kind of world we've created for ourselves.  

It's a world of distraction where we're always looking down, always looking at our devices, always sharing so many things - and yet we're alone.  We're never with our friends and yet we are, and nobody's with us, but somebody is always yapping in our ear.  We have so many hundreds of friends and yet we claim to be lonely all the time and nobody truly cares about anyone - no... not really.

This YouTube presentation is narrated by a man in the UK who has written a ballad about how much technology has changed us, how it's changed how we treated people around us, how we bring up our children and grandchildren.  
He's noticed how we sit on trains and buses looking at our devices instead of striking up conversations with people; terrified that we might actually connect with another human being - for real! - and have a real, human to human connection.  This might be too much for us to deal with.
He pointed out that our parks are empty and so are our backyards, that our children are born into a world where they see their parents connected to a computer screen and simply accept it as a normal thing.  They don't learn that talking to each other from across the living room or dining room table was once a normal thing to do.  Nor do they learn that playing outside on swing sets or in the back yard until sunset was once a normal thing to do once as well.  

This video made me sad.  It caused me to cry because I realised I'm also caught up in the computer age - the very same one I vowed to never ever get to caught up in.  Yes, I'm an addict to the machine of the Internet and the computer.  However, I do get outside and do the things away from computers, away from technology.  I have a technology-free day or two a week; just to reconnect with the world we are so quicky losing touch with.  It's nice to just jump in the car and drive to a park, a lookout or into the mountains and take in the fresh air and know it's all still here, but sadly there's nobody around to enjoy any of it.

So, before we all become too lost in this world of phones, devices, iPads and computers, do watch this 4-minute YouTube video.  About halfway through, I do remember thinking to myself: 'My god, what have we done?' 

Look Up 

Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

At the Movies: 'A League of Their Own'

Dot and Kit are sisters who live on a farm in 1943.  World War II has broken out and baseball's greats have been drafted to go to war.  This is dreadful for baseball fans across America... what happens if the whole league goes down the toilet and there's nobody to play the game for the next, who know's who many years?
So, the sponsors of the game get together and employ one guy to work on pulling together a few girls from the farming areas of America.  Dot and Kit are just two of them.  And this great movie is the true story of the All American Girls Baseball League. 

I have the special edition dvd of this movie where there's interviews with the actual women who were members of this league - women who are now no longer with us.  The interviews were done in 1987 and put to video tape; then transfered to dvd in 1992.  It's kind of sad to watch knowing they are all gone, with just their memory in the Baseball Hall of Fame.  But do see this movie for the fun, the game, the wonderful togetherness of the teams and of course the sadness of how the war affected them all.

Cooling Down

Autumn and Winter is certainly here, as the weather here in Brisbane cools down and none of us want to get out of bed in the morning.  And this is the first year into owning my nice new bed.

Now, for you followers who have been with me from the very beginning, you've seen my life change over a long period of time - particularly over the last year or so.  However, those of you who have only been here for the last year, it's been a really fast transformation of my life turning into something I want instead of settling on things I have sitting around.

As frustrating as life has been, I have turned 40 over the last year, and have noticed that I do deserve better in my life.  I deserve to have a comfortable, pretty bed to sleep in - and not a hand-me-down old bed that's uncomfortable.  So, for my 40th year on this planet, I bought myself a whole new bedroom suite.  It cost me almost $2,000 and I'm damn proud of making my bedroom feel nice and lovely and comfortable - as much as it's supposed to be - instead of a place where I don't really want to be at night.

My back yard has also been one of those places where I had to leave the big things go until I had my own set of wheels to get around in.  And last year was that year where it happened that my folks trusted me with a vehicle.  So, once I got myself behind the wheel of a car, I was sweet!  I fixed up my front garden and back garden and my place looked and felt like it really did belong to me, and I belonged to it.  I could - and can - relax in it and it's my little bit of paradise to enjoy.  It does need work still, but that's something I will get into once Winter is in full swing.

Then, I've begun a small hobby business.  This was one of the toughest things I have ever undertaken.  But I can't say it hasn't been fun.  In September last year, I started a Facebook page and it really just took off from there.  I opened a bank account, got business cards, looked into getting my butt into going to a market and then?  Once I did that, I found I could work on making my market stall better.  So, I did... I worked on buying tables, cheap fabric to use as table clothes and props and getting stuff made cheaply.  It was all done to a budget and I spent some major money on this thing... Crafty Pegs has really been a big thing for me to invest in.  But now, I'm just working on how much I have to get done towards the next market now and not investing in new things so much.

More recently, I've acquired a new car.  It's not brand new, but it looks like it.  Mum and Dad spotted this lovely little green Astra last week and, well, I loved it the moment I took it for a test drive!  Now, it's in my car port and I've been spending time cleaning it, vacuuming it washing it, adding things to it to make it more efficient and enjoying taking it for drives just to get used to it.  It's a gorgeous little thing and I love my car.  

Now, things are starting to cool down... cool down in the weather, as well as what's going on in my life.  I'm saving money for my car, for my Crafty Pegs business and for everything else I need in my life right now.  I'm spending less money, and just staying home and working on what I need to work on.  Not only is Winter coming here to Brisbane, but I'm also hibernating a little more in myself too... so I can get in and do more with my life.  I know that sounds silly, but really, I have everything I need in life.  I'm happy.  I have a lovely garden, a good little hobby business (which is going well too; even if the money side of it isn't as stable as I want it to be), and I have a new man in my life I've just begun seeing.  It's all new, fresh, lovely and sweet, like the crisp Autumn air as the sun rises in the morning....

...and you know?  I love it.  My life never used to be this calm.  I always had problems, dramas, something to keep me from doing something I wanted to do.  Now?  Now... I feel as though I can do everything I've wanted to do... go anywhere and be where I want to be and enjoy life like I used to when I was 20.  However, unlike when I was 20, I have settled down, I know more than I used to, I know I don't have to be in a rush and I know that life is to be enjoyed... life isn't the destination... it's the road you take that you enjoy.  And life is what you make it.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Was Something Different!

April started out like any other month.  This month, I had the Pajero, some money in my pocket and the days were nice and warm.  However, by the end of this month, things were far, far different for me!

At the beginning of April, the weather was beginning to show its true colours.  The days were shortening, they were becomming cooler at night and hot during the day... yes, we were starting to feel Autumn show up each day.
Before the week was out, I had bought a new plant to put into the half pot on the new fence and bought a set of hand weights to help me get rid of 'tuckshop arms'... eeww, hate those arms you get when you're not working out and have lazy muscle. 
Then, I picked up a box from Mum and Dad's place that Dad made when he was in high school.  He just had to fix the lid of it.  I found it during a clean out last year and wanted it to add to my collection in my bedroom to put all my other necklaces; and now it was fixed up.  
Before long, my garden was in bloom again with the Moch Orange bursting into flower and attracting the bees and anything that loved flowers.  The new plant I had bought was settling in and I repotted a few other plants around the place... yep, my garden was looking great.

I got back into working on my Crafty Pegs again for the Creative Markets, especially the coathangers; as I had sold some at the March markets, and then I used rest of my varnish up on the last week of April to finish up the work for the market; and I was ready for it all.  I had even started on a new style and set of pegs - metallic style pegs, very pretty.
Easter was here before you knew it.  And I was at Mum and Dad's place to see Riley, Gabe and my folks.  Even Jay the dog was there.  I gave Riley and Gabe their Easter pressies and the next day I gave Mum and Dad their gift.  Riley got a turqoise pendant, Gabe and Kat got a shade-loving Bromiad and Mum and Dad got an Italian cookbook for Aussie kitchens.  They all loved their gifts... and we all got chocolate from Mum. 

I took part in the International Bookcrossing Day, and had fun Wild Releasing two books from my collection.  One book went off to Bunnings at Underwood and the other book was left outside Centro at Springwood.  I hope somebody enjoys them both; and I do hope somebody picked them up.  Anyway, that was a few weeks back now, so I'm sure they're gone now.
The next day - 22nd, April - was Earth Day.  I spent time in my garden to commemorate the day.  And I recycled as much as I could to help my planet.

Then... the most amazing thing happened!  The very next day, I went shopping, came home and received a phone call from my folks... they had found a nice little Holden Astra for me at Stone's Corner.  They wanted me to go and look at it.
I was tired from shopping, but I went!  I saw this little green machine and loved it!  Within 24 hours, that little green Astra was sitting in my driveway, had plates on it and was registered in my name... and now, it's my Little Green Machine!  Since last Thursday, I've driven to Holmeview, Springwood, Woodridge, Carindale, Holland Park, Mount Gravatt West and back home to Woodridge... yep, I've enjoyed my little car so far.  And we have a long way to go.  

I went to the Creative Markets on Sunday.  It wasn't very good.  None of the retailers made any money.  My stall wasn't the same.  I set up in good time, but forgot my singular Magna-Pegs.  So, I put away my easel.  The lady next to me kept pushing her stall over the boundary to use up more space.  I kept pushing my table back so she wouldn't.  Other than that, people walked past us and paid us compliments and not money... nobody bought anything and we all packed up 20 minutes early because the place cleared out of customers early.  The day wasn't rainy or cold... it was hot and sunny, so there wasn't anything wrong with it; except it was a long weekend.  Yep, we lost out on a long weekend.  Well, that's how it goes sometimes.  April was certainly something different, how was your month?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.