Friday, May 31, 2013

May Is Something Different!

This month has been as busy as last month!  Most probably busier... I have hardly spent a full weekend at home and have been working away from my house more often than not.

However, that's good for me, as it's kept me on the go.  And I enjoy being busy.  I love getting out and about and taking photos and getting ideas for books, paintings and for my garden too.  
At the beginning of the month, I was house and dog sitting.  I was asked to mind Mindy - a friend's dear, sweet dog.  She's a lovely dog who doesn't bark; well not much.  We have heard her bark probably once or twice since we've known her, and that's it, and this is over a 15 year period.  But she's a wonderful dog who searches you out if you're too quiet and makes sure you're okay, loves a pat and enjoys just being around people.  And minding her was a cinch!  I just had to keep her out of the kitchen, hehe.

Then, I wrote out my famous recipe of Pumpkin, Walnut and Spinach Cannelloni for you all to have a go at!  And if your family isn't too hot for pumpkin?  Well, stuff the cannelloni shells with anything you can get your hands on and cook it in the oven - so long you have your herbs right, you can serve it up in those things.  They're the easier things to cook with.  And I love making cannelloni!  It's wonderful!
And if that wasn't enough, I had been ticked off by adverts on television which showed children complaining that they weren't morning people and showing them 'cooking' with the microwave with their parents, when there was a stove not too far away to be used.  I hate it when this kind of thing is shown to children and teenagers because they get brainwashed into thinking that microwaves are the only thing to use in the kitchen; and I used my niece as an example, as she won't help getting dinner ready.  This is a big problem with children in our world today; and it must be changed.

Mother's Day wasn't really Mother's Day for me... honestly it wasn't.  My Mum wasn't in town as she and Dad went on holidays the Friday before and I felt kinda empty without her around.  So, I sat on the computer and edited some writing while I did some reading and blogging... not much of a Mother's Day, eh?  

For the rest of the month, I bussed it everywhere to looking at furniture for my bedroom, did my grocery shopping by bus and cab and then packed up my stuff to come here and stay here for the last week so Mum and Dad had a fully functional house to come home to when they arrived home from their holidays.  This was something I was hoping would work for them.
Now, some of you guys know I have fish and I have catered for them buy putting in 2 weekend feeding blocks - which will be okay until I get home.  The water was changed over completely and I bought a tank/glass cleaner that I used on the first day I bought it last pay.  However I do miss being at home right now.  And I haven't collected my mail since last Friday... so I know that there's mail waiting for me to pick up there too.

So, how was your month?  Busy, lazy and wet.... just like mine?  Yeah, same here!  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Wet Old Week

I've been hanging out at my folks' house this week; and it's been interesting.  However, it's also been cold and wet.  So, I've also been bouncing around this big old house with very little to do around here but hang out on here, paint a few things, cook, wash up (which never seems to get done) and then feed the very demanding wild birds who tap on the window of their computer room when they want food... cheeky guys.

Yeah, it's been a little boring, but I'm going okay.  I've brought along a few dvds and movies to keep me occupied at night and I lashed out and bought 6 books in 2 days.  Yep, that's a big leap for me.  I don't normally buy books because of the number of books I already have in my collection - which is nearing the 1,000 mark very quickly - so I don't really want to add to that number.  But I'm reading them as the years go by.

There's been a few good things about this place; but only a few.  The tv is really good.  The analogue signal was closed down - so the digital signal stopped stuffing up on the tv - and my parents don't live far from 2 shopping centres.  Actually they live only a 5 minute walk from both of them.  However the down side is the busy road they live on... it never seems to be very quiet for very long at night.  From midnight until around 4am, it's quiet, but that's it.  For the rest of the time, this road is always loud, noisy and very very busy.  I wish I could sleep in, but I can't.  This is when I can't wait to get home and sleep in at my place.
The one thing I've really hated is the rain and how cold it's gotten.  Now, I do love the cold, but the rain really has stopped me from sitting outside in the sun.  So, I wish it hadn't shown up when it did.  I haven't been able to do any laundry for my parents and feel more than a little trapped here.  

Anyway, they return from their holiday tomorrow.  I can't wait.  I have done a bit of housework, but tomorrow I'll be doing more.  There's packing to do, washing up, sweeping up and other things to get organised.  And I know that when they arrive home, I'll be ready to leave and let them unpack and I'll want to go home too.  I just don't know what time they will be arriving - the afternoon or at night?  Who knows?  Oh well.  Whenever it is, I'm sure they'll have some great stories to tell.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

No More Analogue Television

As of 9am AEST, we lost our Analogue television signal here in Queensland.  I even checked soon after it was switched off and - sure enough - only the digital channels were all there.  The one thing I've noticed today, and all of tonight, is that there's no problems with any of the lip-syncing on the channels, nothing drops out anymore and the signals are stronger than ever.  This is  something I was hoping would happen when the old analogue signal was switched off; and I'm pleased it has.

So, this poses the question: did you make the switch over to digital fully and update you television or just get yourself a set-top box until your old set blows a gasket?  It doesn't matter which way you do it, you can still watch the digital channels either way.  
I used to have a set-top box on my old television until last year when I won a $250 JB HI-FI voucher a week or so after I had the misfortune of breaking one of my toes.  I don't know whether to call it serendipity or fate... or the Gods' way of laughing at me... either way, I asked Dad to help me go to JB HI-FI and look around.  He suggested a new television and I was all for it - as well as some impulse purchases.  And before long, I had myself a brand new Panasonic digital television in my house!  Very cool.  I also gave away my old set and set-top box.  

I do enjoy digital television.  There's so much to watch, so much choice and a fair few movies to pick from every night.  However there's also a lot of crap on free-to-air cable too; so I don't always watch television.  So, this makes me grateful that I have a dvd player which is good too and a cool collection I can sort through, pop some nice, fresh popcorn and watch my pick of movies... not too shabby if you ask me.
And the best thing is that my Mum will be able to take full advantage of doing just that whenever she wants pretty soon when she has to care for me.  She'll enjoy herself in doing this at my place.

Well, what do you think is good about the free-to-air digital cable television?  And if you don't like it, what do you think is horrible about it?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

Catching Up

Yesterday was busy.  I spent most of my day out and about doing a lot of things, then came home and felt like climbing into bed and sleeping the afternoon away... but I didn't.  No, I jumped onto the computer and checked my e-mails, made a drink and sorted through my parents' mail instead.  

Yeah, I'm at my folks' place still; and I'm in no hurry to get home.  I'm staying here until Friday to welcome them home from their holidays.  They're more than happy to know that I'll be here for the week, but I'm dying to check my PO Box and see what's there for me to pick up; or not.

Anyway, I'm kinda looking forward to having a week away from my place for a bit, and yet I'm not.  I've had a fair bit going on.  As you can see from the posts below, I've been on the go since last Wednesday and haven't really stopped.  And today, I think, I've slowed down enough to look around and take a breath.  I fed a magpie this morning, put out some water on the metal table for the birds and - just now - watched a shower of rain past over.  

It's been lovely so far.

And last night, I took part in a stock-take sale on one of my friend's jewellery Facebook pages; picking out two of her lovely pieces!  She just contacted me about payment and is looking forward to hearing from me.  I'm looking forward to receiving the jewellery in the mail after I pay for it today at Suncorp down the road.  This friend of mine, Kellie Smith, is a flamboyant woman who designs and makes jewellery which is just as flamboyant as she is; and I love it.  I bought a piece in March and love it.  So, when I read about her stock-take sale, I just had to take part in it!  There was a pair of ear-rings I loved, but they were snapped up faster than I could click the mouse on them.... darn... but I found two pieces I loved and I bought those.

Today, I'm going to take it easy with things.  There are some things I gotta do down the road, but I'll take my time while I'm down there, and then I'll wander on home.  I'm in no rush and hurry today - not like yesterday - and then I'll probably get in and read a part of a book or write a bit.  Yeah, today is going to be a day of me taking it easy.  I'm not even sure what I'll be doing tomorrow... but I'm sure it's not going to be much.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Supposed Day of Rest

It's Sunday, right?  The supposed day of rest?  Yeah, not for me.  I was up before 8am, packing last minute stuff to be at my folks' house for this week; and this meant I was forever adding in little things I thought I had packed in last night.  Then, I had to get in and finish up the housework around the place.
There was the washing up to do, the fish tank to change the water of, the feeders to add into the water, the rubbish to put out, the toilets to clean, the computer stuff to add into my luggage, money to work out, medication to put into my bags and then, the cab to call.  Well, I got it all done - except I forgot to put the money across and pack in my medication, so by the time I did that, the cab had come in to pick me up, and I wasn't at the gates... oops!  So, I had to call again and book another cab.  

By the time I arrived here, I had everything I'd ever need.  I hung up my clothes, unpacked my trusty blue trolley and walked off to the shops to get some much-needed shopping done for this week - and for Mum and Dad.  I had my list, and went by it for a good part of Coles.  But this place things in places I never thought of looking; and then when I looked for something I could find at Woodridge Coles normally, it wasn't in stock here at Springwood, or it was well-hidden.  Stupid really.  Anything that was Coles Brand was ominously placed at one end of the store, while name brand products are placed at the other... whereas at Woodridge, all the products are clumped all together so you can compare prices of everything.  All the cheeses are put together, all the spreads are all together, all the nuts, cordials, drinks, chips... you name it, the Woodridge Coles put it all together.  But here at Springwood, it seems that the Coles Brand isn't good enough to be placed with the trademark or name product, so it's hidden in another part of the store for you to play a stupid game of hide and seek with it.  I spent a good hour or so running around Springwood Coles looking for two things I couldn't find, when it would have taken me 10 minutes at Woodridge; all because of where each store places things.  When I mentioned this to another customer, she had no idea what I was talking about until I told her how Woodridge/Logan Central Coles was set out; and she said it sounded like a place that was so easy to get around in... and it is.

Well, anyway, I'm here on the computer, where I've the life scared out of me by the birds outside as one of them smacked up against the window to let me know they were outside!  These are wild birds Dad usually feeds cheap mince to every now and then.  I thought they were going to hurt themselves... but they just tap the glass knowing I can see them.  Cunning little guys.  But once I was outside with a little bit of meat for them, one always gets up on my knee and inspects exactly how much he gets, nabbing it out of my fingers the moment I pull away enough for him, and then wanting more no matter who else is around.  But I don't let him guts the lot, instead, I do make sure the others get as much meat as he does.  And once it's gone?  I show them the empty bowl to inspect and they fly away wondering how they are going to survive without me feeding them... funny guys.

I'm tired today, and a little burnt out.  It's from not resting up properly since last Wednesday.  I've been on the go since then shopping, busing it everywhere and packing for this week to get myself to this spot here and now.  And tonight, I might have an early night and hopefully sleep well before I'm on the go tomorrow to the chiropractors and my craft group.  So, I hope your weekend hasn't been as hectic as mine has; and if it has, I hope you're resting up and taking it easy before the week starts again.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Not-So-Busy Saturday

This week, I was busy as hell.  I was shopping for groceries, running around looking for things, getting things, buying things, organising things, doing laundry and hanging it out, working on things, putting things away and - by Friday night - I was stuffed, and yawning my way through an episode of 'Supernatural' on dvd at 9pm.  Yeah, I was that tired last night.

Today, I woke up to a sink full to the brim with dirty dishes and more laundry.  So, I got the laundry done and put out and washed up three-quarters of the pots and pans.  One of the pans is still soaking in the sink; otherwise, there isn't much to do until it's all finished.
Yes, today, I don't have that much to do.  On my to-do list on my iPod, I have crossed off all but two things and they won't take long to get done.  I'm thankful I finished most of the things I needed to get done; as it gives me today to kinda sit back and just relax for a day before I get in tonight and finish up what I have to do before tomorrow's trek to Mum and Dad's place for a few days.  

Today, I have half my stuff packed for their house.  I've yet to put out the rubbish bin (that is something I'll do tonight or tomorrow).  Then, I'll get in and clean up a few things, finish up packing my make-up, toothbrush and toothpaste and a few other things and shoes and then I'll be ready; just last time.  I've been traveling to and from their house for the last two weeks while they've been on holidays.  And this time is the last time I have to do this for a while.  I'll be there a little longer than last time, so they have somebody to come home to and I'll be cooking them dinner too.

Anyway, it's just how things are today.  I'm happy to say that I've managed to put away my knitting box, stack all my books properly away here in the office (and yes, Mount Everest To Be Read is getting higher as we speak!) and then, I put away all the childrens' books I collected from my tea chests I opened up the last month and moved a few things around to make the office easier to get around in.  
Then, I've put away my jewellery boxes into bags and cleaned up the duchess' and have those here hidden away.  Now, I have to tidy up the bedroom, take everything off the walls and wiped the dust off the wall and vacuum around everywhere.  This vacuuming will probably be done next week as the tidying up will take a while and be exhausting.  

So, what have you got planned for this weekend?  Much?  A little?  Or just kicking back and enjoying the sun?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Working At Home Today

For the past week, I've been working hard away from home... out and about, catching buses here and there, going shopping, buying what I need to get ready for the next few weeks.

Today and tomorrow, I'll be throwing myself into cleaning up my house.  It'll be a big thing for me.  I have to put away a lot of things in my lounge room, dining room and kitchen (which the latter I've started on this morning) and then, I'll be clearing out my bedroom and packing that up, vacuuming it and making ready to clear out for a new bedroom suite over the next few weeks.

But I'm making sure that I'll get started with the easy stuff today before getting into anything too complex; as I'll be out on Sunday again and at my folks' place until later in the week... well, until they arrive home from their holidays.  
While at their place, I'll be getting money out of Mum's account and going grocery shopping for her, filling the place up with food and making sure it's ready for them when they get home.  I'll stay there until they arrived home so it'll be nice and tidy and ready for them, so they don't have to open it up after I've left.

As for my house?  I'm hoping to have it tidy enough to have Mum stay here comfortably for the week I need her after my surgery.  I have to also have her here long enough to know how things work here... just like there's a certain way her kitchen runs, there's a way my kitchen runs too.  I hope she works it out (I mean, if my brother can figure it out in an hour or so, I'm sure she can).  
Also,I hope she can move the lounge so it can open properly.  I just need to have the lounge room tidy enough that she needs to be able to move stuff off the coffee table and move it to it's out of the way.  It's just the way things are here with townhouses; because they're small, you have to work around how you fit furniture in.  I've worked in a confined space for a long time now, and am very used to it.  However, when somebody comes to my place, I find they feel very closed-in because everything is so confined.  Usually these visitors live in larger houses and they say they couldn't live this way.  Strangely enough, there's plenty of people in my unit complex who have moved from houses into these places who have too much furniture and they find they can't find enough space for their excess furniture.

Anyway, I do hope I get everything I want to get done by tomorrow night.  It would be good to be mostly prepared before my folks get home from their holidays. I want to make sure around 90% of the house is ready for the new bedroom suite before my operation.  Let's hope I get it in, along with a new mattress, and I'll be ready for my recovery.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Yeah, this week has been so busy, I just had to say it three times... heheh... just kidding.  Well, it has been really horribly busy; so much so I have barely had time to myself to do anything by crash after finishing some computer work at some ungodly hour while everyone else around my in their own units/townhouses have intelligently gone to bed!  For me, this week has been a really, very busy week; and honestly, I don't know how I'm making it through... adrenaline? Maybe, maybe not.  I'm just hoping I don't crash and burn out next week... dreadful stuff that... been there done that; never again.

Okay, let's cover what I've done this week and see what else needs to be done to finish the week off!  Then, let's see if I got in and did it all?  Now, that'll be a really good end to the week, won't it?  

On Monday, I was off to my craft day from Mum and Dad's place.  Okay, this was my only 3 hours of relaxation I had this week.  By the end of me sitting there painting, I had mostly completed a small painting of a flower I took a photo of, then printed up on Dad's printer (sorry Dad, I needed something to copy off!).  
That afternoon, I was doing a Writing Race I take part in on Facebook for another 3 hours!  I did take a 20 minute break in there somewhere to get a snack and a drink.  Otherwise, I was busily writing away and editing my books and stories. Phew!  And was that exhausting.  
The next afternoon, I arrived home and sorted out what needed to be done for my shopping day the next day.  Then, yesterday, I went out shopping later than usual as it was cold and drizzly... I took my time and did everything I needed and bought what I wanted and needed and found my way home.  A mere hour after I arrived home, it poured rain!  How fortunate was that!
But all day, I was hearing about the murder that had occurred on streets away from where I was shopping.  It was horrible to be walking and socialising in the area where this terrible, pointless crime (but then when does crime have a point?) occurred.  When the rain poured down, I looked outside and hoped the crime scene hadn't been destroyed in any way.
Yesterday afternoon, after unpacking all my gear from shopping and putting it all away, I grabbed Season 6 of 'Supernatural' I got off layby and eagerly began preparations for a night of watching the first disk of the 22 episodes.  However, I was in for a big surprise when I found the box had locked me out!  Damn!  After calling 'Woodys' I found out I had to take it back and they'd unlock it for me.  I was bummed, disappointed and really wanted to watch it; but couldn't, not last night anyway.

Today, I was up by 8am, grabbed my laundry, a new bag, scarf and beanie and was dressed by 8:30am and ready to head out the door by 9:30am to catch the bus at 9:50am to Logan Central.  Two loads of laundry had been done and the fruit and veggie shopping had been done at The Big Apple down the road by this time; and so I left my blue trolley by the door and rushed out to catch the bus. 
I arrived home at around 1pm via the 545 to Garden City, with Season 6 of 'Supernatural' now unlocked thanks to Carol at 'Woodys' and then I walked through to the chemist and bought some vitamins and some make-up and then came home.  

Tomorrow, I have to put away my knitting gear I'm not currently using.  This is the big purple knitting box but not the bags which have half-finished work in them.  I also have to put away photographs, clear the lounge, put away clothes, throw out the newspapers from last week, tidy up the coffee table and then start to pack my bedroom up in preparations for cleaning it on Saturday morning.  I'm in for a busy couple of days of cleaning, tidying and packing.  The suitcases for the packing are out of the storage facility under my stairs, and so I can get it all done quickly and easily.  Now, it's a matter of figuring out what to do with the sewing machine; whether to sell it or fix it up and keep it as a working machine (as it's not electric).

So, what have you got planned for the rest of the week?  As you can see, my week is terribly busy and it's not yet over; and my weekend is horribly busy too.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Winter's Here? Already?

Okay, it's been almost 2 weeks and the temperature is chilly as chilly can get, right?  Yeah... it is.  The moment my folks go on holidays somewhere the weather changes.  Where they are, it's nice, warm, sunny and beautiful! When they phoned up and asked how it was here, I told them the truth that we were freezing our butts off here in Brissie... Mum didn't believe me!  But I have one question, if it's cold now, what is Winter going to be like when it really does arrive next month?

Yeah, I've been wondering that too...

And the best thing about the cold weather is that I'm enjoying getting into the stodgy foods.  I love cooking the warmer meals as I'm a Winter loving person.  I love cooking up thick soups, making cannelloni and using the slow cooker for those wonderful stews that I mix with pasta or rice and eat with a couple slices of bread and then end up sipping some nice, hot tea afterwards.  Nothing like it!

Okay, Winter has its downside - like the cold and flu season.  But then, I don't mind that as I don't get sick all that often during Winter, it's always afterwards or before the season I get sick with something.  Anyway, I'm looking at keeping myself well this year.  I don't get the flu and intend to keep it that way.  It's just a matter of taking good care of yourself and knowing when to get your butt to bed and eating the right foods.  So, what do you do to keep the colds and flus away?  

Winter is another time of year where I love to read too.  Seeing it usually gets pretty cold, and I don't get outside in the garden much (as it doesn't grow as much as it does in Summer), I'm usually indoors reading, writing or tidying up the house.  This year, I'll be tidying up and reading.
You see, in a few weeks, I'll be going into the Wesley Hospital for an operation where I'll be off my feet for about a week, and I'll need a family member to look after me.  My Mum will be caring for me while I'm here at home; and so she'll be staying here at my place with me for that time.  The operation is to get a cyst taken off one of my ovaries as it's been giving me problems lately.  And then, while I'm under, I'll have and IUD put in as contraception... seeing the Pill didn't do me any favours.  I'll be back on my feet in no time flat; but otherwise, I'm not allowed to do any heavy lifting (like the laundry, washing up, putting out the rubbish or the rubbish bin or cooking anything) for about week; so that's why Mum's going to be there.  

Anyway, I hope to all organised by the time this operation comes around.  I'll be getting my house and bedroom cleaned up, things put away, the bedroom vacuumed and dusted and tidied up and the lounge room in such a condition where Mum and use it as a bedroom at night and during the day, it looks like a lounge room and it can be easily cleaned up and used by anyone - including me if I don't want to be in bed all the time during the week.  It's just a matter of cleaning up, putting stuff away that's not currently being used and making sure things are readily accessible for Mum.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember I'm always here.      

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Busy Old Weekend

This weekend has been one of me doing a lot after a week of not having any time to myself.  I have felt as though I haven't been able to sit down and do anything for myself; and I really want to.

But this weekend has been a time for me to catch up with everything that has been going on.  I mowed my lawn, washed up, did my laundry - all of my laundry - and then put the rubbish, put the cure-all stuff in the fish tank (which turned the water green!) and then, I took the laundry off the clothes horse and put the latter object away, too the clothes upstairs and began to pack yet again to come here to my folks' house while they're away on holidays.  

This time around, it didn't take long to pack as I already have the bags sitting out for me to use.  So, I was halfway there.  Anyway, I unpacked a few things I didn't use last time and looked around for the spray-on varnish I was sure I brought home last week, but couldn't find it anywhere.   So I didn't think about it; thinking it might have be left here (I mean, where else could I have left it?).  Well, I arrived here and found I had left the varnish here, right on the speaker next to my shopping trolley... I had forgotten to pack the silly thing!
I unpacked everything, opened the house up and checked my mail then thought to head off to the shops to get my medication at the chemist.  I wasn't gone an hour when I returned and found Mum and Dad had tried to call.  So, I called them back and Mum and I had a lovely chat about everything.  Where they're holidaying is nice and hot, but when I told her it was freezing old here at night and only just getting over 20 degrees here, she was amazed.  She said it didn't sound like Brisbane weather at all, but she was enjoying herself.

This time around, I took out some books, put in my external drive and added in more clothes to wear as I didn't have enough last time.  And the good thing is that I have enough food here - unlike last time. Well, tonight, I hope it doesn't get too cold.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm, and remember, I'm always here.     

Friday, May 17, 2013

Bussin' It!

Today, I felt as thought I spent most of my day sitting on a bus, waiting for a bus, or running for a bus!  Phew!  How exhausting that is for all of those things.  But I spent a lot of time around buses and it was to visit two furniture stores in my area to look at and get quotes on a new bedroom suiteNow, I'm hoping to get something really nice before I go into hospital mid-next month and have it installed by that time too.  
But it's the running around, shopping for the right prices that I really hate.  It's not a lot of fun to do.  And when you do go running around for the prices, you have to be flexible enough to upgrade from you expectations of what you want to what you might have to get.  

I want to replace my double bed with a new double bed.  However at Super A-Mart Furniture Store at Woodridge, I found that if I went for a double bed suite, there were only two styles to pick from.  But if I upgraded to a Queen Bedroom suite, I could pick from the rest of the range at a cheaper price.  Really weird don't you think?  Anyway, I got myself the quotes I wanted from the place and left... not really happy with the prices I got, but I still had one other place to look at before long.  

Then, I was off to Suncorp for some money (just in case I had to catch a cab home and couldn't wait for a bus or had missed it and it was late or too early; you never can tell what happens with the bus service these days).  On the way there, I went to Woodys'  and found they had a huge array of movies for $5.00 each.  So, I looked around and picked out three I loved and bought them, then I was off to the bank and back to the bus stop where I caught the bus to the Underwood Marketplace to price bedroom suites there at Fantastic Furniture.

That place was goodBut if I wanted to add something that wasn't part of the package it became overly expensive and not really worth my while.  So, I walked out of there wondering if I'd be better off building my own bedroom suite than buying one - would it be cheaper and better-made seeing I'd know what would go into itProbably, seeing what my Facebook friends are saying about Super A-Mart and Fantastic Furniture... and none of it is good.

So, I've been to two place people have told me aren't good to get furniture from today.  I'm tired, sore and exhausted.  Friends have suggested to head off to the rabbit warren, better known as IKEA, and see how I go there.  But I really hate that place as I always feel as though I'm a 6-year-old again and I'm lost at the Exhibition and can't find my way out.  Everything's too bright and I've been lost there before... not fun... and all we wanted to do was buy a large picture frame there and it took us hours to get out.

I'm hoping to have the bedroom suite bought, installed and my bedroom fixed up by the time my operation comes around.  Oh, what's happening with me getting an operation?  Well, I'm getting an ovarian cyst removed and an IUD put in at the Wesley Hospital on 18th, June.  Not a comfortable procedure, but it will help me with the problems of my cycle and assist me through menopause when it arrives.  I just want to get a new bedroom suite so I can be comfortable for when I come home as I'll need bedrest; and there's nothing worse than not being able to be comfortable when you need to sleep.

So, that was my Friday for ya... and you know what's going on in my life in around a months' time.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.     

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Busy Week So Far... And It's Not Over!

I've had a very busy week so far and it's only Wednesday.  Over the weekend, it poured rain, but I made it to Mum and Dad's place to stay for a few days.  
On Sunday, I settled in, opened the house up a little, then it became really cold and I jumped online there, found it didn't work as well as it could have.  So, I downloaded Mozilla Firefox and then everything worked.  Before Dad gets back, I'll be uninstalling it off his computer so he doesn't fuss.  
Anyway, I made dinner that night and a shopping list for the next day (as I found there wasn't much in the way of what I normally ate here at home there) and then watched a few hours of 'Angel' and went to bed at around midnight.  However, I didn't get much sleep.  Some Indians from up the cul-de-sac opposite walked to the corner across the road and stood there smoking, talking and making phone calls for half an hour until I called out to move it along that they had woken me up.  I was polite about it and they apologised and didn't do it again.
On Monday, I was out the door early to walk to Woolworths to pick up a few things so I could stay there.  I also picked up a large 900gram tin of chocolates for the Queen Beez Craft Group.  Seeing I couldn't spend Mother's Day with my Mum, I thought to give back to the ladies who I spent my afternoon with that day.  But there were a few showers between the time I left the house and my arrival to the community centre up the road.  And what an afternoon!  We totally enjoyed ourselves chatting and laughing.  A lady sat next to me who's also has Epilepsy, but hers showed up when she went through menopause while I was born with mine.  She was lovely and good with jokes and laughed a lot.  Another two ladies and us talked for the whole time while we did our thing.  And my tin of chocolates went down a right treat too!  Everyone loved them.  I did come home with them though.
When I arrived home, I sat down at the computer and spent the next 3 hours from 3:10pm - 6pm writing.  I had signed up for a Writing Race on Facebook, so did my race at a time that suited me.  It was great fun and I enjoyed it, seeing it got me through chapter 3 of book 4 of Fry Nelson easily.  Then, I spent Monday night at my parents' house and I ate a nice stir-fry I made there.  Then watched 'Supernatural' on their massive television (I've never seen it on a huge television before and it was lots of fun!).  Anyway, after that, I washed up, closed up the house and turned on the computer; as it was still very early, and got back into my writing until almost midnight when I turned off the computer and went to bed.
Tuesday morning was spent running around packing all my stuff away.  I also made the bed, put everything I had brought with me into my backpack, throwing out food that was off in the bin and then checking the mail and paying a few things for Mum.  By the time the cab arrived and I got home, I realised I forgot to take out the rubbish!  Oops!  Well, I'll be back there on Friday afternoon to spend the weekend there until Monday or Tuesday afternoon before coming back home.  But before I left, I grabbed some meat out of the fridge and went out the back door to where I spotted two Magpies strutting around the yard.  They both began to climb the steps as they sang... the next thing I knew, I had seven birds gathered around me all vying for food.  Beeper was there next to me and so was a few others who ate right out of my fingers and one sitting right on my knee!  Before long, I ran out of food and they just stood around looking at me.  I showed my empty hands and stood and went inside, closing the door.  As I did, they all flew away, knowing I'd be back soon enough to feed them again.  
Now, I'm back home, I'm kinda relieved to be here.  I don't like being away from my own things for long as I know where everything is, I like my own kitchen, enjoy my own stereo system and like how I know how my entertainment system works too (which is a lot easier than how my folks' one works).  Anyway, I'm back over there tomorrow or Friday, I've yet to make up my mind.  I've got things to do here.  Until my next post, take care keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.