Friday, November 21, 2014

It's Been A While

I know it's been a little while since my last post, and I'm usually very regular here.

It's because I've been busily writing and trying to keep myself cool from the heat.  Otherwise, I'm looking at a few weekends where I'm busy as hell.  

Like this weekend for example.  On Saturday, I have my volunteer work and then, there's Sunday where it's a full day of going out with the Logan Art Gallery for our Christmas Party.  Very cool!

Next weekend, 29th and 30th, are days where I'll be out too.  I'll be at the Murrarie Markets on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday, I'm going to a meet-up at a friend's house... it's going to be great.

The weekend after that, there's the volunteer morning tea where our 5, 10 and 15 year badges are handed out and we have a lovely morning tea with everyone, then we all go home.  It's a big morning.

But this week has been an amazing week. I went out shopping on Wednesday to fill my house with food.  Yesterday, I went out to a friend's house - Mark Davey - at Eden's Landing.  What a place!  It's filled with art from top to bottom!  This guy lives and breathes art and paintings.  He's also an avid gardener who's made his garden into something which is reminiscent of Monet's garden.  All he's missing is that famous bridge; but you never know, he might build one yet.  Anyway, we sat and chatted all day and enjoyed each other's company and listened to music all day... he doesn't have a television; so ti radio was on the whole time.  He has two gorgeous dogs - Frida and Rembrandt - and his place is so peaceful and filled with shade and birds... and mozzies!  But we fixed them... it was a great day, and I ended up getting home around 9pm or so after staying for dinner.  

What a day!  We clicked in the most amazing way too; agreeing that we are going to be great friends.  He gave me a lovely painting as well, which I hung up in my bedroom.  He said to me: 'A bunch of flowers, these ones won't die.' they're just gorgeous.  I can see us being close friends; but we'll see how it all goes.

Today, I'm going to take it easy and do a few things around the house, then I have to check on the mail and post off something overseas and be back here for the rest of the day.  Until next time, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

It's A Heatwave!!!


Well, yes... there's a heatwave hitting Queensland right now and it's not going to give up on us.  Today I went out; and regretted it when I got home... really shouldn't have done that.

However, I've drunk some milk (woah!  Why did I do that?) and then made myself a cranberry and mineral water and have been keeping close to the air conditioner in my home office.  It's just too darned hot to go and do anything outside... or downstairs.

So, there's my excuse for hanging out on the net today.

What's yours?

Thursday, November 13, 2014


I woke this morning to an overcast day and cool breezes... what a wonderful change to the humid, hot days we've been experiencing over the last few weeks!

I went outside after my shower and found it had been raining for a few hours before I woke up... how wonderfully refreshing is that?

Okay, I can't do the laundry, but I'm not complaining in the least because the garden really needs it.  And it's saving me doing the watering by hand today... and even now, looking outside, it's raining yet again after stopping only 20 minutes ago.  And I do love the rain.

It's lovely thing to keep us all hibernated indoors watching movies, reading books or listening to music... or just simply catching up on lost sleep.  Like this morning, I just didn't want to get out of bed; and when I found it was raining, it made me want to stay in bed all the more.  And do you blame me?  I mean, Summer is just around the corner, and we get to have a nice cool day in the middle of a week of boiling hot ones... yep, it would have been ideal to just hide under the sheets and snooze for another hour or so.  But I got out of bed instead and went outside and photographed the garden inbetween showers of rain and eating breakfast... hahaha...

Anyway, I'm not sure what I'll be doing today.  I am hoping to get in and clean out a set of drawers in one of my wardrobes for my art/craft bench next year.  Then, I'll be also looking for a few things around my bedroom that I've been searching for the last week (and can't find).  And then, I might re-read my last chapter of 'Angel Love' to get my head around what is going to happen next... which is?  Well, I don't know because I don't plan my books.

Well, there's my day.  I'll also get my head back into 'The Watcher' too... it's been a while since I plugged into it and read a bit of it.  And being a wet day, it's a good day for it.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Saturday Night Movie: Drive

Driver is a stunt-driver in Hollywood by day, a mechanic on the weekends and a very quiet neighbour to a hot blond-haired single Mum.  He's quiet and unusual; keeping to himself until he finds he's attracted to her, can't keep his eyes off her, because she's alone.
But he doesn't talk to her, not until he's out shopping one day and finds his car's been broken into and her at her car with its bonnet up.  Driver takes her home and organises to have her car looked at by his work.  He starts to get involved with her, feeling protective of her and her son when she reveals to him that her husband is in prison - as he knows all about it from a life so far ago, it's almost alien to him...


But then, one day, her husband comes home.  A party is going in their neighbouring apartment, and all seems well; until her husband is introduced to Driver.  This is when Driver notices that there's more to this guy's story - that he's hunted inside as well as on the outside.
One evening, Driver comes home to find his neighbour's husband beaten up, his son hiding around the corner crying and he asks what happened.  The husband tells him and he considers getting in one more heist to protect the woman he loves and to make sure her husband is never hunted again - as well as to protect their son.  When he talks to her son, he hands him a bullet, telling him that he was told not to lose it.

Well, the whole thing is arranged.  All Driver does is drive the getaway car.  He doesn't do anything else.  The guy organising the whole thing won't pay him - driver doesn't give two tosses - and all that needs to happen is to get it over and done with.

However, Driver trusted the wrong people.
The man organising this thing was working for the Mob, who employs his boss at the garage, who in turns employs Driver. 
So, they all know he's driving the car ... and they know his moves.
What they don't know is that he's a great driver because he's done this before... and knows how to get away from people like them....

...but does he?

'Driver' was a movie on SBS which I happen to flick over to while channel surfing.  When I saw Ron Perlmann's name flick on the screen, I sat down and watched it.  There were only three commercial breaks and I found it a great film, based on a book of the same name by James Sallis.  The reviews of the book are mixed with most people saying it had a great protagonist, however, the film was much better because the plot of the book was paper thin.  The movie was fantastic... I loved it and at the same time was horrified at how far Driver would go to keep only the few steps he needed to keep from being killed.  Totally worth watching... I didn't miss a beat, and didn't want to.

Friday, November 7, 2014

A Day Out Driving

It started out with me going to Stone's Corner to get my watch battery replaced, and I ended up at Mum and Dad's place excitedly talking about being at Tarragindi... 

My watch stopped yesterday around midday.  So, I asked Mum where I'd get it fixed.  She told me at Stone's Corner at Rolma Industries; where they specialised in Adina Watches.  This is where we got my watch - all my watches for my life.  I'm onto my second watch ever... they are a great brand.
Well I punched into the GPS the address and I was on my way to the place.  It took me there and I was happy.  The man charged me the princely sum of $15 to get a new battery installed and a seal replaced; very cool.  Then, there was the task of getting myself back home.
Well, okay, I though to follow the road around and take the first right and see what happened next.  Usually the roads either went in a circle, or they'd take you to the next suburb and you'd find a main road at some point.  This was an old suburb, it was bound to happen.  And you know?  It did!  I found myself at Stone's Corner again and back through the way I had come.  
But instead of going back onto the highway, I drove through the back way and onto Cracknell Road, through to Ekabin Road and to Toohey Road very close to my Grandma's House.  When I sat at the lights, I thought it'd be nice to drive by the place... but instead, I parked near the house and got out to see what had happened to it over the years.  You see, I haven't been to the place since the first owners bought it and painted it hideous colours.
When I saw it I had to check the number on the front - number 9 - to make sure it was the right number, because it was absolutely gorgeous!  It didn't look anything like it did before!  I grabbed my stuff out of my car and locked it, meaning to go to Zeni's - next door - but instead, I stood there just staring at the house.  A young lady asked me if she could help me and I told her my Grandparents originally owned the house over 70 years ago.  
Then she asked me the most unexpected thing:  'Would you like to come in and have a look around?'  Oh, wow!  Are you serious? Yes!  She said she'd introduce me to her Dad and we could chat about the place.  Her family has lived there for 3 years and their landlord was a builder and had only fixed the place up really nice just before they moved in.  How cool is that?  Well, I was astounded at how the place looked!
Grandma and Grandpa's bedroom was the only room that wasn't moved too much... except the door.  The rest of the place was unrecognisible.  Where the lounge and front room used to be was the office and two bedrooms.  There was a long hall down the middle - as there is with many Queenslander homes - and the place was better set out.  The bathroom was moved next to the master bedroom and the other bedroom - which had been at the back of the house was split into two and had been moved behind the office.  The kitchen has been turned around (again) and was behind the bathroom and the wall was taken down and the dining and living area was kept open-plan.  And the add-on dunny was removed for a stairwell to go downstairs where a granny-flat has been built.  Out the back was a wonderfully wide deck and stairs going down!  The backyard has hardly been touched.
Downstairs, where the laundry was is a bedroom and the lounge is where Grandpa's workshop used to be... otherwise, it's amazing what the place looks like now.  And the granny-flat has a private entrance around the side so the kids - who are uni students - don't have to go through the front door upstairs to come home, and neither do their friends.  It's completely self-contained.
While I was there, I also visited Zeni, next door.  She's the original next door neighbour to my Grandparents.  She didn't recognise me to start with, but after I jogged her memory, she gave me huge hug and we got chatting after I thanked Anna (the young lady who lives in Grandma's house with her family) for showing me around.  

Soon, I was off to Garden City in Little Green Machine!  I parked the car and had a walk around to look for new sunnies.  My old ones were really had it.  The tint was coming off and the arms on them were wobbly... so yep, it was time to toss them out.  I found a great pair at Bright Eyes.  Then, I thought to have a walk around - seeing I didn't have much else to do.
I found a store dedicated just to skateboarding.  Very cool place to look around in.  The owner thought it was wicked I used to skate, but was bummed the I couldn't anymore.  He knew what it was like when I said I knew how to but my body didn't... we had a laugh over that and then I went on my way.  
I ended up over at Riot Art to buy a few art supplies and then was off home.  But I lost the car by getting out of the lift at the wrong car park level... darn, new it was going to happen at some point!  I found the car and drove to Mum and Dad's place and told Mum what happened at Grandma's old house!  She was so happy... and she loved it that I dropped in on Zeni and had a chat with her. 

What a day!  Well, it's midnight... on the dot!  Wow!  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Really Strange Week

There's strange weeks, and there's strange weeks.  I've had weeks where I have missed whole days and had to try and figure out what's been going on... and then, there's weeks where stuff goes on that I just don't want to figure out.

This week was one of the latter.

My weekend was one where I sat and wrote some really strange stuff.  None of it has been edited and I don't think it'll see the light of day; but I wrote it nonetheless.  It was interestingly weird and funny weird at the same time... stuff that just goes around and around in my head and eventually gets written but I don't let anyone read.

Well, Sunday was my lazy day where I just rested my arm and did nothing much.  Okay, I washed up, looked outside and photographed my garden... but it ended up with me vegging out in front of the television.
One of the neighbours, not far from me, put on some really loud music.  I don't mean, 'Oh that's annoying.' I mean, 'Crap I can hear the lyrics over my damned television!' loud... yeah... that kind of annoying.  So, I thought I was within my rights to ask them politely to turn it down a smidge.  By all means, play the music, but don't interrupt my afternoon with it... instead, they invited me to hang out.  I thought why not?  There wasn't anything much on television and I was vegging out anyway.
Within about 20 minutes another neighbour from the other side of the complex - who I don't get along with - rode past on his motorcycle, without a shirt, helmet or shoes on.  No, he's not good-looking.  He's overweight, a drunk and makes out we're friends - we're not.  He drove his bike right into the middle of the party - yeah, dangerous - and attempted to flirt with me.  I went home.  When I heard him go away, I thought that I had been invited and went back... at which point he returned - inviting himself to the gathering - and made the whole get together dreadful.  It was meant to be a chill-out, but he was rude and horrible.  I ended up going home for dinner and when I came back an hour later, he hadn't left.  About an hour after that (and after everyone watched him drink himself into a stupor and then get stoned, at which point I went home permanently), he totally wrecked the night...
He was reported to the right people about this.  However, there's too many people like this in the world, who think they can do this and it's okay to do this.  It annoyed and aggravated everyone that I found him a threat; and that - even when they stopped talking to him - he didn't leave.  However, the stranger thing still was that it wasn't until after he started smoking the pot, did he get paranoid and then sent himself home.  I wasn't there to see that, but was told the next day.

Yesterday was Melbourne Cup Day and for the first time in a long time, my family didn't have anywhere to go for lunch.  So, Mum, Dad and I had nibblies at their place and watched it on the big screen.
However, Dad and I noticed one of the horses wasn't looking well... it was sweating and its eyes were really big.  We commented on it and yet it was still raced.  After it was taken back to its stall, it laid down and never got back up.  So, even though my horse came second, I still felt we all lost in a big way yesterday because of that first horse... then not long after a second horse had to be put down because it kicked and broke its leg in a way it couldn't be fixed.

Today, I put the money I won into the bank.  Usually - in the past - I would have spent it.  But I've gotten into the habit of putting money I've made or won into the bank; which is a good habit to get into.  Also today, I spent far less money than I got out of the bank... just as well, because when I returned home, I looked at my watch and found it had stopped.  So, tomorrow, I'm off to Stones Corner to get the battery replaced.  I'm going there because where the watch was made and bought by Mum; and I don't want to take it anywhere else.  I also have to donate some clothes and items to Life Line Super Store at Logan Central and post off something overseas too.  

So, this week has been really strange - not all that busy - but just really strange, and sad too.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

October Was Something Different!

This month was totally different, but I got a lot done; and so much changed around the place while it meandered by and the weather changed so drastically.

In the beginning of the month, it was my birthday.  I spent my day at Gabe & Kat's place.  Riley was there and we had a great lunch - where I brought along the cake.  But what a hot day!  Jay spent a good part of the day under the kitchen table in the cool.

Then, during this month, I chatted about how great it is to be an Aunty... and not a Mum.  Okay, I don't have children, but it doesn't mean my life is empty, but it also doesn't mean I'm selfish either.  There are people out there like me as well - but with a medical condition like mine, I just never thought, or even wished this kind of thing on my own children.  It would never had been fair on them.

And then, my Apple iPod got screwed over by the very company itself.  I asked for iTunes to download something without updating and it updated my iPod anyway... what new crapping hell was that???  And you know?  I wasn't the only one burnt this way by Apple... Rotten Apple if you ask me.  And since Steve Jobs died, that company has really bitten it in a big way.  He was such a perfectionist... and now?  The company is just shit.

Then, from around the middle of the month, I had one busy weekend after another, right up until 18th, October where I had a full-day market at Murarrie State School, where I have started to really make a bit of money there.  So, great to be able to make a mark and get known by people... and it's only taken a year for Crafty Pegs to really start to be known around the traps and markets.  I can't wait until the next few years where I can really work on my designs and have a better work station.

But then, something just had to go wrong.  I was having a great month of work.  I was flying through the Magna-Pegs.  The Beautiful Coat Hangers were really happening, and my left arm began to ache... it felt like Tennis Elbow, but it wasn't centralised enough.  And then the last two fingers on my left hand went numb when I worked.  Then, on Wednesday night, I was in agony.  I was kept awake by my arm... no matter how I slept, it was painful!  So, off to the doctors I went.  And I had pinched my Ulna Nerve (aka:  Funny Bone Nerve) and inflamed it.  Soooo, what I have to do is stop working on my Crafty Pegs and stay off the computer.  Well, I'm doing one of those things - hehee.  Hey, I'm a writer, I'm not giving away my writing that easily; not while I'm working on a book.

So, that was October.  It was fun, it's become hot and sticky... there wasn't a speck of rain in it.  But at the end of it, I've been told to sit down and relax.  How has your month been?  Busy like mine, then having to follow the doctor's orders?  Or just the same as before?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Friday, October 31, 2014

A Pinched Nerve; Not A Tickler

It's Halloween and I'm in pain.  Yep, I've had to rest my left arm from doing any craft... this is no fair.  I also am not allowed on a computer.

Okay, I got around that last one.  

I rolled up a towel and am leaning on it.

Over the past week, my left arm has been giving me horrible pain - and on Wednesday night, I just couldn't sleep.  So, what happened?  I went to the doctors yesterday and I've pinched and inflamed my Ulna nerve... yowch!  Not exactly what I thought it would have been, but at least I know how to treat it.  The doctor said for me to sit and read a book; so I have been doing that, and surfing the net and looking at things.

But this year, I'm not celebrating Halloween.  For the first time ever, I can't dress up my house and get the spooky on for the kids - not that any of them ever showed up at my place.  I'm unable to carve a pumpkin and I just can't afford the lollies or anything.  
So, what I have done is bring my Halloween Box over to my parent's house so Mum can dip into it this year.  I also brought over the decorations so they can have the fun I normally have.  It was missing a few things, but she said it's good I went to the trouble of making up the baggies of kookie stuff for the kids.  

Anyway, I've been sitting here just looking around Facebook and reading a few things.  My left arm is still twinging a little from time to time; otherwise I'm good.  The main problem I have is that this arm will take a while to heal seeing I'm left-handed and have been trying to feed myself and do other things with my right hand, things I do normally with my left arm... I know that sounds silly, but as much rest as possible will help it in every way.

How fortunate was I that my older brother broke my little finger on my left hand when I was 12?  Yep, I have been in this position before, yonks ago... and now I'm back in it again over 25 years later.  Oh well, I guess things happen for a reason... I think this has happened to tell me to slow down; and slow down I'll have to do.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember I'm always here... and have a good'n'spooky Halloween - all 3 days of it - as tonight is the first day of the 3-day celebration of the dead.  Tomorrow is All Saint's Day and 2nd, November is The Day of the Dead - where people who celebrate this time of year dress in black and celebrate the 3-day festival to its fullest.  It's also the best time of year to talk to anyone who's passed away.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

What a Weekend!

It's been a busy week and a busy weekend... and right now, I'm sitting comfortably in my office chair with the air-conditioner workin' its magic while I'm in front of this here computer.

Nope, I'm not moving for the next few hours... not until I'm thoroughly finished with the net today.

Or I'm out of ice coffee - then I can always get that one from the fridge I bought this morning when I got the paper.

Anyway, I've had a hell of a weekend; and I'm doing nothing today... absolutely zero, zip, nada... and really, I don't wish to do anything unless I really need to.

On Wednesday, I did my fortnightly grocery shop.  It was good, but I forgot my synthetic bags and ended up with a collection of plastic bags; not something I want to do again.  

Thursday was busy.  I packed the car with some doors off the old sewing machine in my bedroom and took them to Mum and Dad's place at around 9am and then headed off to Bunnings where I picked out a new pot for the garden.  It was a huge, gorgeous off-white pot to take the place of the red seat in the back yard lining the fence.  You see, the feet on that seat ( and the seat itself) have been slowly rotting.  Even though I painted it, it still hasn't been stable enough to hold anyone of late.  So, on Thursday, I removed it from my yard and put it up the back of the complex for the caretaker to take away.  After moving the tiles around that were placed there for the feet, I put the pot there and prepared it for my potting idea - a centerpiece for the garden... I hoped it worked out.

On Friday, I was out again.  But this time, I was happily celebrating owning my Little Green Machine for six months!  Yes, six months had sped by since Dad bought me this lovely Astra.  So I celebrated by going out and getting some gardening gear at Bunnings and doing some gardening.  I filled out the half-pot on the fence with a little gorgeous 'Red Wing', so it doesn't look so empty.  The new big pot looked so lovely in its spot and I half filled it with potting mix I had left over and some pipes I had put inside it to see what they'd look like when I actually had them properly installed.

Yesterday, I went out to the Springwood Community Centre and bought up big with the plants.  I spent only $13 on plants... great stuff!  I also bought a bottle of mango chutney Dad loves for $4.00 too... then I off to Mum and Dad's place to work on the sewing machine; which it turned out wasn't going to be worked.  Instead, I worked on the bath table.  Dad and I took it apart and I sanded it down after getting all the gundgy stuff off it.  While I did that, Dad went off to the dump.
Before long, I was finished for the day and started to pack up, but Dad wanted me to stay and put on a coat of shelack.  I really didn't want to; I had some other things to get done at home - some plants to pot up and a bit of work to get done around the house before the sun went down.  But he stilled wanted me to stay... I don't think he understands I have other things to do at my house.  Mum still has to explain it all to him.
Well, I arrived home after lunch and got stuck into the gardening and the plants look great in their new home!  I had put up some netting and they looked wonderful with some recycled stuff around the place - especially seeing I recycled the silver stones from out the front of the house.  I really love they look so good with anything!  And the plants fitted into their new pots so well!  The back three are the new plants and the two front ones are from around my place.  

This morning, I heard it was going to be around 30 degrees Celsius... so finished breakfast quickly and got out into the garden and watered everything thoroughly.  The Agapanthus look like they're about to put out blooms as they're sitting up more.  My Gloxinia hasn't put out leaves - yet - but give it time, we've had a few cold days and nights, so with the heat coming up, it'll get there.  And the possums didn't get in and eat the new Red Wing last night thanks to the new netting put up yesterday... I hope it holds.

Today, like I said, I'm hoping to chill out and do nothing.  I hope to be able to be able to work on more magna-pegs and on Monday or Tuesday, I'll get out there and buy more magnets for them at Garden City.  Well, until next time, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.  

Thursday, October 23, 2014

One Busy Morning

This morning, I was out the door before 9am and off to Mum and Dad's place. I had to drop off some pieces of the old Singer Sewing machine from my place to theirs for when I go to their place on Saturday.

I was there for a bit - well until Mrs Dickenson showed up - and then I was off again.  I went to Suncorp to get some money out and then to Bunnings where I picked out a large pot for the garden and a plant to replace the one which had been destroyed by the possums in the halfpot on the fence.  
Before going to either place, I had to fax one bank and then return to the post office again to check the mail.  You see, I've won a book by John Connolly.  His publisher was supposed to have sent it to me by the end of last week.  But it never arrived.  So, I called up the place I won it from and they helped me out... wonderful people!  They told me that it should be here by the end of this week.  It's Thursday, and it's still not arrived - but still, there's one more day left in the week.  I'll give it until Monday morning and then I'll really get impatient.  I mean, how hard is it to post off a book?

Anyway, I bought the pot and the plant, and came home.  I was hoping to go to Super Cheap to buy a steering wheel cover - because that darned thing is beginning to get hot! - but I wanted to get home and do some serious gardening.  But I thought that, seeing I had checked the mail at 8:30am this morning, it would make sense to check it again a few hours later.  After all, they would have finished sorting the parcels.  
So, I was on Kingston Road, checked my mirrors, saw a large old ute (and I mean it was a Dodge pick-up... old kinda thing) and I indicated at the right time, slowed down... and that damned Dodge pick-up was right on my arse!  He had been coming in from Randall Street and didn't see me!  Crap!  He very nearly side-swiped me!  Of course, he blasted his horn at me as though I was in the wrong, and I wondered if he did clip me.  I pulled up in a spot as fast as I could and looked my car over... nope, no marks.  Yes, he was that close to hitting me, it wasn't funny.  

But it wasn't my fault either.  I did all the right things; and he was coming into a main road from a side street, and should have looked where he was going, watched what people were doing.  And most of all, not been in such a hurry to get where he needed to go.  I wasn't speeding - seeing I had a large terracotta pot in the boot of my car - and I didn't want to be in an accident all because some idiot didn't look where he was going.

Well, I checked my mail box and there wasn't anything there... okay, fair enough... then I was on my way home.  Once home, I was right into the yard immediately moving the chair out into the recycling area of the unit complex, and moving the tiles I had in its place for the feet of it.  Then I placed the pot in its place and potted up the new plant in the halfpot on the fence... so that was part one of the revamp.  Part two will happen either this week or next pay; more likely the latter.  

So, how has your day been so far?  Mine's been most of the 31 flavours of crazy... but then, some days are like that, right?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Busy, Busy Non-Stop Weekend

This past weekend was one of early mornings, all day work and staying up way, way past my bedtime curfew.  

On Saturday morning, my alarm woke me at 5:30am; not the most wonderful time to get out of bed on a weekend, but then, I had markets to be at by 8:30am all the way over at Murarrie State School.  So, I thought to get up early and be able to take my time, than wake late and rush through my morning routine.

Well, I was on the road by 7:45am on the dot!  I had to go to the bank and plug into the GPS the address and then?  Well, I on my way!

It didn't take me long to get to the school - actually, a shorter length of time than I thought it would, so I thought to slowly set up and then take a walk around the school and photograph the animals and other parts of the place to show off where I was for the day.  
After buying myself some coffee and a cupcake for $5.00 I returned to my stall to find the wind was picking up and it had already tossed over my easel.  Some of the other stall owners had been good enough to pick it up for me and put the magnets back on the sheet of metal.  But the darned thing wouldn't stay.  So, I had to lower it and sit next to it.

For the whole day, other things kept on blowing shut, or falling down.  But I put up with all of that just to make myself a bit of money.  It was good to enjoy the day there; it could have been worse - we could have had rain (then I would have packed up or had to put down plastic to protect my goods).  But then, I found out that some people just packed up and left because of the wind, whereas I didn't.  And you know, it was after midday I made the most of my money and profits; very cool!

Well, by 2pm, the people and crowds left and we were advised that it was okay to pack up if we wanted to.  One of my friends had arrived and he offered to help me pack up; and I didn't say no to that.  Geoff could see how tired I was too.  I drove to Mum and Dad's place and showed them the photos and told them about the day, all the while patting Jay the wonderful doggie... yeah, Gabe and Kat had gotten them to care for her for a few days.

Before long, I was off home, vegging out in front of the television munching on a snack.  I didn't want to be eating anything too heavy before crawling under the covers of my bed at around 10pm.  

Sunday was my brother's 43rd birthday.  He had had a costume party the night before... a very cool alien costume party; which was fun for everyone.  And so, I missed out due to being exhausted and Mum and Dad went to see Ahn Doh at the Logan Entertainment Centre.  They totally enjoyed themselves... it was great. 
Well, I spent the day surfing the net and stuffing around online and pretty much not doing too much.  I was just too tired; plus my right foot wasn't feeling too hot.  I had tripped down a tiny step the day before and turned it.  But seeing I didn't feel anything on Saturday, I didn't thing anything about it.  Then, Sunday morning came around and - woah! - the pain kicked in!  

And Gabe wanted to go out to dinner.  So, I asked Dad if it was sprained.  He looked at it, and thankfully said no, but it's been strained pretty badly.  So, take it easy, and put a hot face washer on it before bed to keep the bruising and swelling down.  I did that and on Monday it was far better than it was on Sunday.  But yesterday, I had to just slow down and take it easy, no fast turns or twists on that foot.

Today, it's better than ever... I still have a twinge of pain in it, and it's a little swollen still, but it's not as painful as it was on Sunday.  So, it's getting better as time goes on.  However, my chiropractor will think otherwise.  Also today, the past three days of me going out has finally caught up with me.

I've been out to the bank to pay for the rent on my last stall rental.  Then, I went to the post office to check the mail, then I came on home... yep, that's all the driving I'll be doing today.  So, how was your weekend?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Busy Weekend Ahead

This weekend is going to be full; very full.  I have spent this week pulling in my reserves of energy, sleeping in, making sure I haven't exhausted myself and hoped I have everything organised.

Well, there's always one thing to be forgotten, right?

I have the Murrarie State School Organic & Craft Markets tomorrow and I hope to get there before 9am, find out where my stall is and set it up well before 10am so I can walk around and find the toilets, water fountains and move my car to where it's supposed to be before the markets themselves open... the last thing I need is to be lost in a school when I don't know where anything is.  And I'd like to have a good look around for something for my brother's birthday too.

But this week, I got in and worked on a few things, listened to an audio-book (titled 'The Watcher' by Jo Robertson) and then, today, I worked on a bit of my lunch for tomorrow.  I'm hoping I haven't forgotten anything there.
Today, after breakfast, I packed the car as much as I can with everything, both stock boxes and the stores box and then threw a blanket over the lot and put in the two-wheel trolley and locked it up.  I still have my bag to pack as well the esky and then that's it.  I'll be working on getting enough sleep tonight and taking off by 8am tomorrow - maybe a little before - and getting there by 8:30am.  I don't want to be rushing; which is understandable.  

For the rest of the weekend, I'm hoping to get to Mum and Dad's place to have lunch and enjoy time with my older brother and his family for his birthday, then come home and chill out.  
On Monday, there's my Craft Day and I'll be heading off the Garden City to pick up something from there before heading to my afternoon with the ladies at Springwood.  Otherwise, early nights are on the cards for a while.

Well, until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.